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Feb 17, 2007
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The movie is not casted yet but is still slated for 2008, and as a reader of everything Hack/Slash I'd say this has great franchise potential and would be an awesome movie overall if properly cast and directed.

I've heard Meagan Fox suggested since she has the look and the interest to do the role, but I hope to that doesn't transpire since she acts as bad as a wrestler.

What do you guys think about the prospects for this movie, potential casting, and the direction you'd like to see it go in?

Oh, and I realize there was a thread for this in the misc. movies section, I felt it belonged here, I asked a mod a week ago if he could move it, he didn't, so I created this in the appropriate spot.
Wow, I just picked up this comic for the first time and liked it. Who's making the movie?
The director is basically a complete unknown, he was a production assistant and visual effects photographer in From Dusk Till Dawn, but Todd Lincoln will be directing for the first time with this.
One thing that gives me hope is that the creators will be closely involved with the screenplay
This is an excerpt from an interview he gave.

TL: They can expect a smart, scary, new-generation, blood-soaked, breast-laden, Hard-R frightfest with all the detail and character work of the best auteur films.

The heart of this movie is Cassie Hack. A real American teenage girl. Vulnerable, sympathetic, socially inept, driven by fate and circumstance to save and protect the type of people she hates. This is not Lara Croft, Aeon Flux or Wonder Woman. This is just a girl with a baseball bat, wearing bargain bin clothes, kicking a plastic soda bottle outside a Taco Bell. Cassie killed her own slasher-mom and drives around the U.S. in a junker van hunting slashers with her only friend in the world, Vlad.

Vlad is Chewbacca meets Hellboy meets Lenny from OF MICE AND MEN. A self-taught, rejected freak, germophobe, man-child. He’s logical, caring and protective with great fighting, technical and medical skills. He’s the voice of reason for Cassie. Cassie and Vlad are blue-collar heroes with no money, no style, no real training and no weapons supplier. They’re constantly on the hunt and on the run. These are rich, challenging, iconic roles that will create a star or transform an established star’s reputation.

HACK/SLASH fits in with and ties together all slasher films. The well-known slasher movies don’t exist as movies in Cassie’s reality. In HACK/SLASH, all fictional slashers and horror territories really exist. Haddonfield, Springwood (Elm Street), Bates Motel and Camp Crystal Lake are all real places in the America that Cassie and Vlad drive around in.

Tonally, the movie is much more grounded and serious than the comic. We’re playing this film straight, suspenseful, vicious and bloody. This is not a parody. This is not a self-aware, post-modern, campy retro-trip. The goal is to create something special. Not just a love letter to slasher films, but a film that reconstructs, reinvigorates and elevates the genre in the same way that INDIANA JONES, STAR WARS, TERMINATOR, JAWS, and KILL BILL did for their respective B-movie genres.

We’re going to make the slasher film scary again.

At least it sounds like he has some serious respect for the material and aims to do it justice. Hopefully if this movie ever comes out it will bring attention to the comic, which I feel is greatly under appreciated and recognized.

I thought Megan Fox was cast to play her?
She isn't officially set to play her... She's complete tripe by the way as far as acting goes... Surely I can't be the only one that feels this way?
You guys think she'd do much more then burden us with a flat performance with badly delivered lines?
She's hot... Who cares, talentless hot chicks are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.
You had me at "breast-laden." :heart:
She isn't officially set to play her... She's complete tripe by the way as far as acting goes... Surely I can't be the only one that feels this way?
You guys think she'd do much more then burden us with a flat performance with badly delivered lines?
She's hot... Who cares, talentless hot chicks are a dime a dozen in Hollywood.

Yeah, but her resume with a very successful Micheal Bay/ Speilberg flick on it speaks volumes.

Besides, from what i've read of the comic, it's not like it's deep stuff. She'll do fine, and hopefully show more flesh.
Sure it be fun to see Meagan Fox in some of the skimpy outfits Cassie wears, but the part does require some convincing angst, which bad actresses can't put forward so well.
Sure, she's got the Michael Bay/Spielberg film on her resume, and I loved the movie, but damn, the only thing that saved the scenes she was in was the mute button.
The comic isn't deep, yet even the most shallow of scripts benefit from good acting... Two wrongs don't make a right, plus the stories are pretty fun actually.
All I'm saying is that she'd make a potentially good movie more then marginal, and I feel that is more then my opinion, looks aside are you really satisfied with her acting?!?
Meh. I doubt that film will get much recognition anyway, especially if Fox gets cast.
Definitely sucks for the creators of Hack/Slash. But this is the probably with a lot of these upstart studios who are snatching up comic properties now, most of them will never see the light of day, not matter how much they try to remind people that the film's merely been option. And while I love Hack/Slash, I will have to take issue with DDP, because having every issue of the comic say "Soon To Be A Film By Rogue Pictures", it's a little shameless. I don't think they should be using that as a selling point for their comic, when it's survived so long without stressing that association. To say nothing of the fact that they're not acknowledging the likelihood of the film never see a frame of footage shot. Even with a director attached, so much could go wrong that it'd be a shame if they've used the film to hype the comic (and vice versa), and then the film never comes to be. That's not gonna do much for DDP's reputation.
I think Megan Fox would be great for the role as Cassie. I mean, HACK//SLASH is great, but its not SHAKESPEARE. It's basically a hot broad with a freak on nature sidekick/body guard, kicking monster ass. I'd much rather see her in the role than Eliza Dusku.
From http://www.superherohype.com/news/topnews.php?id=8510:
Commercial director Fredrik Bond will direct Hack/Slash, Rogue Pictures' adaptation of the cult horror comic book.

Alexandra Milchan, Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter are producing.

"Hack/Slash," created by Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli, chronicles the adventures of Hack, a young woman who travels to small towns across the country hunting slashers. She is partnered on her journey with Vlad, a hulking companion who serves as her protector.

Justin Marks wrote the script for the film, which is eyeing a winter start.

Bond is attached to direct a remake of The Host at Universal and The Hunger at Warner Bros.

A commercial director? That's... interesting. I love the comic book, but I'm honestly not expecting much from this movie. It's not that I think they can't do the books justice, because I don't think it'd be too difficult to translate it to film, but I just don't see this movie as much of a priority to anyone. It seems to me that this film will either just fall apart and be scrapped, or it'll be quietly produced and pushed aside. I also agree with the above poster who said that it's a bit sad the comic advertises its movie deal at the top of every issue. That's going to look doubly terrible if the film does get scrapped.

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