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'Hack/Slash' Creator Finds Prey for Werewolves


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Mar 25, 2005
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Please please please be a good werewolf movie

'Hack/Slash' Creator Finds Prey for Werewolves' 'Wild Game'

Bloody Disgusting has learned exclusively that "Hack/Slash" creator Tim Seeley is hard at work on a new comic franchise, moving him from slashers into the world of uber-violent werewolves. While the comic has yet to be released, Underground Films and Daniel Alter are teaming up to produce a live-action big screen version of Wild Game with Kevin Seamus Fahey ("The Forgotten", "Battlestar Galactica") penning the adaptation. Described as 30 Days of Night with werewolves, the plot sounds simply incredible. You can get more info and dig on some early art by reading on.

Here's the plot crunch: "In a world where Werewolves were long ago hunted nearly to extinction by humans and thought only to be urban legends, the few remaining packs live among us in secret. But, the beast can't be caged forever. Once a year: runaways, homeless people, anyone who won't be missed... are captured and brought to a secluded private destination to be hunted for game by the last living Werewolves on earth."

Personally, I'm not a fan of the Underworld films, and find it pathetic that An American Werewolf in London and The Howling are the two best violent werewolf movies ever made. 25 years later, the beast in me wants to see some hairy bloodshed on the big screen; could this finally be it? My only request, keep the *****ing CGI to a minimum -- I wanna see a kickass transformation that makes my head melt!

As a fan of the "Hack/Slash" comics, I think I'm even more excited to have this new series arriving at my local comic shop sometime soon. Win-win on all fronts!

Here's an exclusive early look at some of the art (by Pasquale Qualano) from "Wild Game":

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