Harvey Dent/Two-Face appreciation thread


Nov 15, 2011
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There used to be a thread on here like this, and it was awesome! Not sure what happened to it though.

Anyways Two-Face is my favorite villain by far, but I'm really disappointed how underused he is (TDK, Arkham City) in favor of the clown. I think if TLH came a few decades earlier, Two-Face would've been the definitive arch-nemesis of Batman, not Joker.

So, please help out this disappointed Two-Face fan and post away!!
I like how Harvey Dent/Two Face has multiple personalities and uses his coin to decide certain decisions that reflect both of his sides. I believe in Harvey Dent.
He's awesome i admit though Joker is my fave villain with Clayface number 2 and this dude number 3.

I've been a fan of him since i read the comics at 7 and when i was 11 when i saw TAS, who else thought Richard Moll was terrific as him?
Two Face is a great batman foe and I always look forward to his stories especially when they include Dick Grayson those stories always seem to show alot of Two Face's character which I love.
Two-Face is the best villain. Batman has common with his all villians but Two-Face has more in common. If Batman went same route as Two-Face he would go crazy obsessed with revenaging his parents murder but he doesn't go that route Harvey Dent had problems before this persona came out it was just ticking bomb waiting to happen. Either way both characters are tragic.
Yep, he's a great character. Dent represents the darker side of seeking justice. He's a representation of duality and taking that other side of yourself to the extreme. I also like the link to chance in Bruce's parents getting murdered in the first place, changing the direction of his life forever.
I read the first Two-Face issue, Detective Comics #66. Good story, very tragic how Harvey 'Kent' loses everything after having his face scarred and flips his coin to decide to turn to crime. In fact, this is a great issue and is probably the strongest debut of a Batman villain I have read so far.
While the Joker is in fact my favourite villain i think he's beiing overused, even in the comics, Two-Face is awesome, i liked how he was portrayed in The Dark Knight, even if he wasn't there for long and unlike the one from the comics he didn't have a double personality, he was just a man that became crazy.

I still have to read his golden age first appearance but he has one of the best origins, my only criticism is that his face was cured and later deformed again too many times.
I like how, stories where Two-Face is the main villain are more serious than compared to the Joker. Sure, the Joker is the Joker, but I like that Two-Face is more serious and actually means business. He's a more classic style villain, while the Joker is a unique creature.

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