Have a little Captain in you?


Oct 11, 2005
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Well, do you?

Actually, I just wanted to know who here drinks and who doesn't. If so, what is your favorite?
That **** ****s me up.

Beer: Rolling Rock Green Light or Killian's Irish Red.

Liquor: Jagermeister or Grey Goose
whatever beer I can reach from the couch ;) :D
I like drinking mixed drinks mostly like: rum runners, sex on the beach, long island iced tea,amaretto sour or anything w/ fruit.

I love those little jack daniels punch things.

for beer, I like: negro modello, yuengling, microbrews

for wine, I like chilean wine and riesling

I love captain morgan

I like shots, mostly whiskey,vodka

I don't like brandy because I'm not 80
I like beer, mostly non-light beer. I don't like wine and most hard liquors...though a good margharita is always nice. Champagne's decent too.
The only beer I like is Guiness.

I like all liquor and whiskey :D

Jello shots are awesome too
And you said "No", then he said "Would you like some?"

Is that what went down? ;)
No, I don't drink, and if the captain is Janeway from Voyager, I'm way ahead of you....rawr.
This title sounds so wrong, But I like non light beer , rum , some sour mash
Beer- don't really like it......but a 40 or a Corona is nice every once in a while.

Liquor- every type of Bacardi I've ever had is awesome :up:; definitely my favorite. Captain Morgan is fabulous for rum&coke. Tequila Rose is yummy because it tastes like strawberry milk. I don't drink vodka much anymore....when I did I didn't care if it was the cheap stuff, I'd just mix it with juice. But Grey Goose is good when I don't mind pricey liquor.
Forget this fancy wine crap I get mine from 7/11
I could go for some cranberry and vodka right now
Unleashed said:
Well, do you?

Actually, I just wanted to know who here drinks and who doesn't. If so, what is your favorite?

I call him *looks down* ... my little Captain... Does that count?? *hic*
I like Captain Morgan, Captain Smollett, Captain Crunch, Captain Picard, Captain Roe. In fact, I can't think of a Captain I don't like.
I totally forgot about this thread, Jesus Christ.
I'm getting nice and intoxicated right now from whiskey. Not my favorite, but it'll do.

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