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Aug 15, 2007
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I posted this in the PSN update thread but I feel that it would be good for everyone to read, if they want to watch movie trailers in HD without having to wait in hope for the updates to include something

http://www.totallyps3.com/gameinfo.php?details=newsid&newsid=62 said:
Using the Quicktime Pro software and its movie export feature, you can remove the .mov file name and save the files as standard mp4 files.
1) The first step is to make sure you have Quicktime Pro installed on your PC. You can download this program from the apple website either on its own or as part of itunes. The basic version is free, but the upgrade to pro costs $20 or $30 if you don't already have a registration code.

2) Visit the website www.apple.com/trailers to download quicktime format movie trailers. Choose your movie trailer from those available on the site and choose the resolution. The video file will automatically open in Quicktime player and will begin to download. This process can take longer on larger files. When it has downloaded, click on the file menu and click "Export..".

3) In the "Save exported file as:" dialog box, write a filename for the clip, and in the "Export" drop down box select "Movie to MPEG-4", and then click the "Options..." button.

4) In the file format drop down options, select "MP4" [not "MP4 (ISMA)"], and under Video Format select "Pass through". If the video resolution shown at the bottom of the dialog box is EXACTLY 1920x1080 or 1280x720, then you can skip step 5. Unfortunately most of the trailer files tend to have strange resolutions like 1920x804.

5) If the file you downloaded needs to be resized then under the Video Format option change the selection to "H.264".

There are now more options available. For Image Size select either 1920x1080 or 1280x720, then click next to "preserve aspect ratio", and make sure "Letterbox" is selected. This process enables your video to be reencoded to add the black letterbox bars to create an HD resolution image.

Under framerate, select "current", and change the default bitrate option in the region of 8000-10000 will be fine. For a better quality video you can do a multipass reencode for higher quality but will take you longer to encode. If this is for you then, select the "Video options" button, and change the encoding mode to "Best Quality (Multi-pass)"

6) Select the "Audio" option in the main dropdown box and make sure that the audio is set to "pass through". If the pass-through option is greyed out then use the default values.
Click OK to be returned to the main screen where you chose the file name. Click OK again to begin exporting. If the video does not need to be re-encoded then this process will inly take a couple of seconds, if it does then it will take several minutes.

7) To watch this on your PS3 you can either burn to CD/DVD or put the file onto a memory card.

When this process is completed you will have a PS3 compatible HD video file to show off on your large LCD or Plasma TV.

If you dont have Quicktime Pro you can do this with the standard free Quicktime player and the Red Kawa PS3 Video 9 software. (http://www.redkawa.com/)

1. Browse to www.apple.com/trailers
2. Select the HD 1080p trailer you want to download (n.b. for a quick conversion select 1080p)
3. When the Quicktime player starts, from the menu option select View/Loop from the menu. Once this has completed downloading.
4. Close the Quicktime player and you will be prompted to save the changes you ave made.
5. Select save as a self-contained movie.
6. Now load the Red Kawa PS3 Video 9 software
7. Under Convert Menu/Current Conversion (TAB) Select Convert Video
8. On the right, under "New Video to Convert" select QuickTime HD MOV input
9. Click the start option and this will then convert to AVC.

To avoid the hassle of having to use a memory stick to transfer these files over I use a free piece of software called PS Media Tunnel (http://www.di.co.nz/PSMediaTunnel/index.htm), which basically acts as a network connection from your PC to the PS3. This of course makes the whole transfer a lot faster and easier without having to find that USB stick you sat down earlier.

Yahoo Movies ( http://movies.yahoo.com/trailers/ )is also a great alternative for the HD trailers and in most cases is better than Quicktime itself for getting the latest in HD.

So there you have it, credit is given where it is due at the top and the extras are just my own views. Now go forward and enjoy those wonderful trailers in glorious HD :woot:

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