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HDMI Question


Oct 4, 2006
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Ok this projector I'm getting has only one HDMI input, and i want to connect my Xbox 360 AND my Surround Sound via HDMI. but how would i be able to connect both into the projector. not to mention i also have to connect my Comcast digital cable box Via HDMI as well. I tried to look for something that may connect them all on Best buy and amazon and i can't find anything. I can only find single HDMI cables. i'm trying to see if they have anything that would have like 3 HDMI head cables all in one.

Anyone have this problem?? and if so what type of plug do you use to connect them all. I cant find anything.
Badger's got the right idea. A multi-port HDMI switch is your best bet. :up:

could i also use Surround sound system that has 3 HDMI Inputs?

i was thinking of getting this one, It says it has 3 HDMI inputs, and i also want to get 5.1. Its the Sony HT-SS2000. http://www.circuitcity.com/ssm/Sony...81865/catOid/-12954/rpem/ccd/productDetail.do

But i heard That some surround sounds can't process Audio through the HDMI, do any of you know if this one can Have both Audio and Video be processed through its HDMI?

or should i just connect the surround sound via HDMI to a multi port? with the surround sound, Xbox360 and comcast cable box all connected to the multi-port and not everything to the surround sound.
You'd have to check with Sony to see if that unit can process surround through all the HDMI connections. Most of the newer ones can. That'd be a good route to go as well, with the amplifier acting as an HDMI switch. :up:

I know at the Best Buy I work at, we sell HDMI source selectors.
Check at your local Best Buy.

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