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Sequels Hercules & Olympus


May 8, 2000
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I wonder if in any future sequels there will be explorations of the other pantheons, and of course a potential team-up with future Avenger Hercules. Pluto, Ares, or Hera could be among the antagonists.
It's not impossible but I wouldn't expect it to happen in the foreseeable future. There's much to explore within the nine realms and the Norse myth part of Marvel, as well as that I think they'd rather delve into something entirely different in general than to introduce more pantheons.

Personally I actually think it's more fun if we only have Asgard, as it sort of legitimizes just one small, outdated religion out of all the ones that are and have been.
I think introducing Hercules and the Olympians would be a great idea. It would be a good move to have Thor matched up against another godling that people know, instead of introducing endless characters that would go over the non-comic fans' heads. Teaming Loki with Ares and/or Pluto in a plot to take down both Pantheon's would be pretty epic.

And, as mentioned, Hercules in an Avenger and would add some additional fire-power when they finally go up against Thanos.
I'm hoping Chris Hemsworth lets Marvel know when he's getting tired of Thor (it'll happen eventually, although maybe not til he's old) so the last Thor movie can introduce Hercules and the Olympians. Then Herc can replace Thor on the Avengers with an actor who right now is, what? 15? 20? Having both at once would be fine with me but I want the MCU to last as long as possible so Hercules would prolly be better as a replacement.
I hope in the future we do get Marvel using characters with great on screen potential like HERCULES in a THOR film. But I am guessing that Chris H. will be gone from the role by then. Would be cool to see if they could put together the more "rag tag band of misfits" styled line up for an AVENGERS movie. I like what Herc brings in terms of his relationship with Thor and the other Avengers. I can't think of anybody right now to play the part though. Needless to say, if there were a solo film for Herc and the Olympians, or a Herc centric Avengers movie, using INCREDIBLE HERCULES as a touchstone is a must.
I did see the Ares reference in Thor 3 so I could see all of them appearing. I would love it but it might clash with Wonder Woman
Herc is cool but it's also Wonder Woman's niche. I'd rather see the Simonson run adapted with Enchantress, Karnilla and Baldur all joining the MCU and Sif and Lorelei return. Make it about building a new Asgard in the deserts of Nornheim.
It's a shame though because marvels ares is very cool. But yeah, just not fresh enough
Herc is cool but it's also Wonder Woman's niche. I'd rather see the Simonson run adapted with Enchantress, Karnilla and Baldur all joining the MCU and Sif and Lorelei return. Make it about building a new Asgard in the deserts of Nornheim.

Ares does exist in the MCU though, he was one of the previous champions on Sakaar his face was on the Grandmaster's tower. along with Bi-Beast and Beta-Ray Bill.
Beta Ray Bill for Thor 4 or bust. More Surtur please!

Bring Sif back. And introduce Amora. Thor needs a queen. Please resolve the Jane story line better. Bring back Mjolnir. More Valkyrie. Somewhere in here there is a story.

I also think the films are prime for an adaptation of Jurgens' The Reigning. That would be pretty awesome. After addressing the themes of imperialism how about the question of divine intervention?

As much as I would love Zeus, Ares, Pluto and most of all Herc! - I think Wonder Woman has stolen that opportunity and with Thor/Hulk being best buds - Herc would seem redundant at this stage.

It's too late for Balder sadly (and by extension Karnilla). After the Thor Ragnarok twist yet another unknown sibling would be just too much. But if anyone could pull that off it's probably Taika.

I dream of seeing Mangog someday. Where is Ulik? And yes the Eternals need to make it to the MCU. (We've already been introduced to the Celestials.) Could the Eternals merge into the Greek mythology somehow? Plus Jörmungandr, Fafnir, Ymir, Gorr, Set, High Evolutionary, the Dark Gods, the Wrecking Crew?

There are so many potential storylines. But yeah Beta Ray Bill. If there's only one more Thor film - he's gotta show up. It's time.
I'd love to see Thor go to to toe with Ares.

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