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Heroes of the Void - Webcomics


Hero of the Void
Nov 4, 2012
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Hi, I am Spike and I am the writer for the Heroes of the Void, a website with superhero comics.
I just wanted to tell you about the site because, you know, its superhero comics.

Heroes of the Void

Maybe you'd like to check it out. It's all original material, no fan comics.

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So I suppose nobody is interested in that? Free superhero comics? Maybe not even for review purpouses?
The whole ordeal seems too 90s to me. Dark colours, punky graphics, a lot of bang bang.

You shouldn't cross black shadows 1st issue title with some character we don't yet know... heck we know less of black shadow than this secondary character. It' works when both characters are well established prior to event.

Nightfighter looks more promising but the overall design of the 3 characters seems bland.What is unique to them compared to the myriad of characters out there?

Monger is downright kitsch .
ah, honest criticism. i like it!
true, monger is kitch, but I was bored. i might need to rework that a little though.

Nightfigther is a long term read so i guess you'll learn about the characters as you go along. but i agree its hard to get in at first.

you are also right about raven/black shadow (raven is the main char btw). that happened because originally it was a raven solo story butin the middle of development things happened and this is the result. but i will be sure to do some raven and black shadow solo titles later this year to fix the error.

thanx for being so honest. as for the 90ies thing, yeah, also correct but i kinda like that. probably not the best route to go, i agree but balancing artistic vision and comercial appeal is hard and i still have to learn that.

but thanx fr the honest words :)
So, after a while with more pages out I figured I migth try again. Maybe somebody here likes what we do? :)
Howcome nobody is checking this out or writing something in here? I don't understand?
I really don't understand. Maybe it is the headline? hello? anyone?

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