just curious
how old are u markjk1441?
i think he just smoked himself stupid.
it better be some dank s***, mark.
you should probbaly head over to 7-11
Ok so you are stoned, here is some advice:

Lay down, close your eyes, concentrate on a feeling, try to feel something that you would not normally feel in yourself, focus on that feeling, explore it, try to harness it, manipulate it, see what happend.

Congratulations, you have taken the first step in becoming real :up:
****that...just listen to some Sonic Youth...you'll be aight.
or the chronic by dr.dre
never fails....:up:
Sonic Youth dueting with Cypress Hill smoking some Chronic from Dr Dre
That s*** gave me nightmares, especially those ants. *shudders*
Cinestix Are The Best Thing In The World. F'ing God Like

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