History Channel's 'Vikings'

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Jun 12, 2011
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Is anyone else excited for this? I keep seeing the ads on TV and it looks pretty good! From Wikipedia:

Filmed in Ireland, the series is inspired by the epic saga of Viking King Ragnar Lothbrok.[3] One of the most popular Norse heroes, Ragnar was a great Viking commander and the scourge of France and England. Vikings will premiere on March 3, 2013

If you haven't see the trailer you can check it out [YT]7rcozIVtujw[/YT] (Even now I can't work out how to embed videos in a post) I'm really looking forward to this series!
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Yeah saw the ads and going watch a few episodes to see how it goes
Thanks Morg!

Io9.com had this to say: "Vikings, the new scripted show from the History Channel is bonkers violent. It's like Game of Thrones without the nudity."

Starts a week tomorrow!
Watched the first episode...wasnt impressed at all. Just so much talking and nothing really interesting seemed to happen. But I will watch at least 2-3 more episodes.
It wasnt all that bad... not everything...

I like that they clearly took inspiration from Valhalla Rising in the cinematography (there are certanly uglier films to take inspiration from hehe) and the mood was very good. I also like that the used the right design [blackout]Odin uses when he walks Midgård[/blackout]

The acting was very annoying, I really cant stand Scandinavian English (or whatever version of that they were doing... couldn't really get the grasp on what sort of dialect they were going for) so that didn't help either.

The story also felt really thin for a first episode. You'd think they want to catch viewers with the first episode, not leave them hanging with nothing to look forward to... I'll keep watching though, vikings are fun :)
The main actor keeps reminding me of the main actor from sons of anarchy. They have the same intense look.
Scandinavia? Fjords, mountains and northern lights... That kinda narrows it down. :p
I recorded the first episode last night, will try to watch it this week.
I liked it! A lot of set up, which is fine. I'm really looking forward to the setting sail and discovering some new cultures, that should be a lot of fun. Seeing a raid will be neat, I'm sure.

The main actor keeps reminding me of the main actor from sons of anarchy. They have the same intense look.

Me too! I totally got that feeling, very similar air about them.
I thought it was ok, but expected better. When I first saw a commercial for it, I thought it was just going to be a series about Viking history and all that, which I think might have been more interesting to me than a drama. I don't know, we'll see after a few episodes.
Me too! I totally got that feeling, very similar air about them.
I agree. I was sure that Charlie Hunnam was in Baytown Outlaws.
First ep was good. Watching the 2nd now.
The landscapes and sets looks very good.
The main actor keeps reminding me of the main actor from sons of anarchy. They have the same intense look.

Yeah, he looks a lot like the illegitimate son of Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hardy (with Brian Bosworth's haircut).

Anyway, I liked the premiere, though it was a surprise that they didn't end it with more of a hook to bring people back. Ever since Vic Mackey shot a cop, good TV shows have been great at concluding the premiere with an amazing "OH SH**!" moment. Not sure why they didn't, but whatever. It was solid and I especially love the badass wife character.
Watched this today. Found it funny that the song they used in the opening -- If I had a Heart by Fever Ray -- was the one they used at the end of Monday's The Following. :p Like dejavu or something.
I didn't think the second episode aired until Sunday???

It was available on History channel web site ( not from France of course ), I guess someone ripped it and put it on the Net.
About the second episode : [BLACKOUT]what was the Earl purpose of killing his left hand ?[/BLACKOUT]
Also : [BLACKOUT]Killing the Blacksmith ??? At that age a Blacksmith was an important person, he who forged weapons, tools etc. Not everyone had the knowledge of this skill. I am no historian, maybe it wasn't a big deal.[/BLACKOUT]
I saw the first episode. It didn't really grab me or make me that interested in watching another. I might though. I was really interested in the idea when I heard about it. Maybe it gets better.
I want to wait to watch the second episode so I don't have to wait so long for the third. :)

The first two episodes - plus several web-only 2-minute clips - are available on
HULU.com .

I'm still going to wait, :)
I managed to watch the second episode online, good stuff!

The earl is going bananas with paranoia, which it appears has a lot to do with his wife dripping poison in his ear. What her goal is remains a mystery, but she's obviously manipulating him. Her remark about their "enemies" leads me to believe there's something we've yet to see brewing.

It was really cool to see a raid in action, I was wondering how long we'd have to wait. Can't help but feel bad for the priests. I was a little surprised the vikings went back immediately afterwards, but I guess it makes sense. They have their spoils and Ragnar now has his proof that there's lands to the west.

I'm excited to see how their return shakes things up.
Surprisingly good, will watch again.

Too bad the lead in is probably the cruddiest Bible adaptation ever made.
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