History's Strongest Disciple Ken'ichi


Dec 9, 2007
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I was wondering if anyone here is a fan of this martial arts comedy called History's Strongest Disciple Ken'ichi. The anime ended in Japan not too long ago, but the manga is still on-going.

If any of you don't know what it is, here is a brief summary. The main character is Shirahama Ken'ichi. He's the weakest kid at his school, so weak, the other weak kids beat him up. He joins the karate club to get stronger, but he's only being used as a combo dummy. One of the bigger kids challenges him to a "loser must leave club" fight, and they plan on having it in a week. It happens to be that Ken'ichi's new friend from earlier in the morning, Furinji Miu, happens to be a martial arts master and he goes to train at her dojo where other martial arts masters live. Consisting of her grandfather, a Muay Thai master (under the OLD SCHOOL rules), a weapons expert, a medical jujutsu specialist, an all around Karate (forms of both sport and combat karate) practitioner, and an old perverted kung fu fighter.

The masters are the best of the best, so they put Ken'ichi through a hellish regime to prepare him for the fight. Ken'ichi manages to win his fight (well he lost the match, but won the fight, the fight was under karate rules, but he won using a trip/throw). His victory over his larger opponent gets him the attention of a gang of teenage martial artists known as Ragnarok and one member after another keeps on challenging him and they get stronger and stronger so Ken'ichi has to learn new techniques to counter the new styles he encounters.

If you like old school martial arts in the traditonal sense of Ranma, you'll love this. Granted it's not as extreme as Grappler Baki or Garouden, I say the action is enjoyable enough to get by. It has a great cast of characters and I like it because I feel you can relate to a lot of the characters though the story isn't what I call the most original.

The art itself.....is just very generic. The designs belong in a "how to draw anime book" more or less. But the high octane action makes up for it.

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