Hottest Degrassi Babe.


Aug 30, 2003
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I know most of them are ugly. This should really be a contest between Caitlin, Spike and Mya. But some people may like the others and it has to be fair.
Oh man It was tough. I ruled out Maya cause of the Wheel Chair (i'm going to hell) and then I rules out spike cause she has a kid. And she married Snake. So Caitlin is the one for me.

Side Note: Kevin Smith wanted Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin) to play Rene in Mallrats. The studio said that no one would know who she was. Kevin had to settle with Shannen Doherty wearing a Degrassi jacket.
Caitlin, man I used to love her. I have to do a search and find out what she looks like all grown up.
Stacie Mistysyn
You guys should watch the next generation catlin was on there last night.
the black girl...i forget her name...i was young when this came out
man I remember watching it when it first aired but can't remember who is who know :D
I liked one of the twins...the one who got pregnant and then some other chick was leaving anonymous nasty letters on her locker. Man, i haven't even THOUGHT about that show in like, fifteen YEARS!
God in heaven.. this show is, what, 17 years old by now?
This thread needs to be updated, because Alex is definately the hottest.

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