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Hottest Guy


Anyway, what time does your day start each day? Mine starts at 4:25am. :down
since this is an equal opportunitist site, let's merge this with the other hot male threads before an uproar starts on how sexist the site is allowing more than one hot male thread but a single hot female thread....

averting HYPE WAR III
What time do you guys wake up in the morning?
Kipobe said:

Anyway, what time does your day start each day? Mine starts at 4:25am. :down

Lakers suck:mad::up: And why did you bump this up? It's like 2 years old:confused:
Kipobe said:
what do you bench>?

I don't know my 1RM, but I did bench 185 for 2-3 reps last night.

But it's also about the squat + deadlift bro!
The Lakers do not suck. you suck:mad:
I get up at 6am on weekdays. And I wake up HOT! Then I just coast on that hotness throughout the day.:up:
Clearly I was talking to you not.
so pick from my list

ShadowBoxing said:
Well the thread said Hottest Guy so therefore my pressence was clearly needed:o

Yet you do not post your pic.

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