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How do I increase RAM?

Bat Brain

Mar 17, 2004
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my computer currently has only got 254mb of RAM. how can i increase this to 512mb? i heard about something called a RAM module. is that what i need? any help is appreciated. :)
Just buy another 256 and you have 512, or sell the 256 and buy 512 and then you have a open slot :)
are they available to buy in computer stores. cause i don't buy things off the internet
Just about every electronics store will sell RAM.

Most will even install it for you.
alright. thanks for all your help guys.
You're going to pay twice as much if you buy retail. I've bought RAM online numerous times and I've never had a bad experience. I recommend www.newegg.com. Very popular and reputable business with really great prices.

Also, you need to know what kind of RAM your computer can take i.e. what speed and whether it's DDR or not. If you can't figure it out just tell me what brand and model your computer is I can easily find out for you.
crucial.com is pretty good too. i have used it for two different computers buying 3-4 chips. all are working O-Tay
You can usually get Crucial brand memory through newegg for less than Crucial sells it themselves. You can also get other brands that are just as good or better for less.
If you really don't know what you are doing when it comes to mucking with your hardware on your computer, including buying and installing RAM, then take it someplace that will help you select the correct memory and install it for you. It's not really difficult to install memory, but I've seen so many people buy the wrong RAM and damage their systems trying to install it that it's mind boggling. Pay a little extra and get it done right if this is outside your realm of expertise and you aren't 100% clear and informed after doing some reading up on the subject.

when dealing with adding memory, is it basically the number of pins that each stick has as to weather or not it's correct? I've seen, some with like 180, and others with 168 or something...
I increase my RAM by adding an s, so it becomes RAMS.

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