The Dark Knight Rises How do little children react to Nolan's Batman?

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Oct 18, 2009
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I mean in a sense the Batman franchise is still essentially a huge marketing juggernaut for tons of licenses like toys, clothes, food, video games, party supplies, school supplies that attract little kids (and yeah even us grown ups :yay:).

And kids still like Batman even though they tend to be more brighter than adults sometimes they just doze off when Batman is not on screen, I'm thinking those of us here at the Hype with children how did they feel with Nolan's trilogy? was it too intense? too talky? not enough Batman? the Joker was scary? Bane was scary? where was the Batmobile? where was Robin?

I don't have children yet which is why I'm curious if parents even had their children watch Nolan's Batman.
Every kid I have seen aside from my stepdaughter ( who I feel is too young at 8 to view the Nolan bat-films) has loved Nolans Batman and looks at it as the definitive modern version. Lets face it for kids these days thats about all they have, when we were kids (20's-30's) we had at least BTAS and the Burton films.
I was 9 when I saw Begins and I loved it. 12 when I saw TDK. I watched the older films a lot when I was younger but Nolan's had the most impact on me.
I saw little(ish) kids in each theater I saw them in, and I don't really remember hearing any crying or anything, and they all seemed pretty excited, so at the least they're on par with Burton's first two films, though maybe even more kid-friendly ust because I remember being terrified of Penguin in Returns just from the sheer gross out nature of him.
I feel Nolan's films are less dark than that of Burton's Returns, and I remember begging my parents as a 7 year old to take me to see it. I eventually went around my parents backs to watch it at a friends house.

Batman is Batman. kids dont care if its Burton, nolan or adam west
Batman is Batman. kids dont care if its Burton, nolan or adam west
I can't really answer the question of how little children reacted to certain scenes, but yep, I agree with that comment. They see the familiar image and want to see it.
I was working parking outside of an arena where "Batman LIVE!" was performed this weekend. Both last night and tonight I saw several Father/son costumed duos. Not directly related to these films at all, but as for Batman in general, his popularity is still going perfectly strong.

Slightly more on topic, backin in October I was working a face painting booth at a carnival in my hometown. We had a number of halloween related designs offered including a bat. One kid, about 10 asked me if I knew how draw batman symbols, specifically asking for "the one with the straight wings." Being fairly handy with facepaint, this was no problem and the kid walked away with the Nolan batsymbol on his forehead. Not long after many more kids came to the booth asking for the same, on their faces or on their arms. At one point I had about 15 kids, 7-12, lined up. I'll always remember that day. It was a lot of fun.
I don't know, you tell me. :cwink:






This is my niece and nephew Regan and Teddy; yanked out the paint, duct tape, and thrift store clothes, dressed him up as Robin without him knowing what he was going to see and he got to see The Tumbler in person when the lady and I took him to see that and the Batpod in Glendale, AZ. Regan soon began to grow jealous (oddly because she loves Spiderman more) when he got to go and saw him on the daily news. LOL So when the Aurora Rises Foundation came around to raise money a couple of months later, we took the opportunity to update Ted's outfit and we made her Batgirl. At my great delight, I can say to you I have corrupted these children and they both now love Batman, and ESPECIALLY Nolan's world. :woot:
They are reduced to crying, screaming gibbering things because the trilogy is 2edgy4them.

Actually, I think they'd really love Nolan's Batman. Nolan presents the villains in such a way that you want to see Batman take them down. They're evil and you want them stopped.
Batman Returns isn't really dark. It's quite satirical and silly actually.

I think seeing movies in the cinema is how we all grow more attached to certain films. We always have just a bit more love for the films we've had the chance to see in the cinema. It's just something about it that just can't be matched.
in my experience? mild indifference really. i mean sure they are excited that it's batman and the joker and co. but actually watching the films? i don't think they really understand what the hell is going on and i've never seen them get too excited. my young nephew actually fell asleep during tdk.
I think many kids love these epic, thrilling and thought provoking superhero films. They're smarter than many think. I've always thought that watering down superhero films because of having kids in consideration is a dumb thing. They don't need things watered down for them.

Though of course, that depends what age one means with "kids". It differs alot between a 3 year old and a 7 year old.
I was 9 years old when i saw Batman Begins, and that made Batman replace Spider-Man as my favourite superhero, so i guess most kids like them too.
I saw Batman Returns when I was 7, and it's still in my top 10 films. My cousins saw TDK, and they were around the same age, and loved it.

I have the midnight screening Bane poster on my wall, and my cousin always grimaces at it and scolds Bane for beating up Batman!

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