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how much will the stars of xmen 3 cash in ?


Jan 24, 2006
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i was just thinking, how much do you guys think that these guys and girls will make on the film? who will make the most? the least? will they all be payed the same? with so many characters how do you keep it fair. just a thought :p
put it this way, the lowest paid actor will probably earn more than any of us will see in a lifetime :(
Jackman's gonna make off like the mob!
Hugh and Halle will be paid the most I should think.

Patrick and Ian should come behind, and then perhaps Famke.

The likes of Shawn, Ellen and Aaron will be toward the bottom of the scale I should think.
Halle will be paid the most as usual i guess
halle always gets more than the rest expanded role or not
_BB_ said:
put it this way, the lowest paid actor will probably earn more than any of us will see in a lifetime :(

sad but true
_BB_ said:
put it this way, the lowest paid actor will probably earn more than any of us will see in a lifetime :(
The lowest paid actor would be an extra so thats not really true.
Hugh and Halle are probably tied this time for the highest salary--although Hugh might edge her out by a bit because he's also an executive producer this time.
how much do extras get paid?
kol_lover said:
how much do extras get paid?

Like 80 bucks a day, and all the free Zima they can consume in a single sitting.
stan lee gets paid 0 guess he's a bad neighbour (for acting not for producing lol)
Simon Kinberg sort of answered this question re salary:

Q. Do you feel that the casting list for Poland is of importance to the story or just because. Hugh and Halle are the headliners, (Why is that!? Just most well known or something?) and then Ian and Famake, Anna, Kelsey and James follow (I can't make out the rest)... So whats up do you agree with the way they credited or would you have done it different? Will it be different in America? If you would have list them please. As always thank you for your time.

A. *I have no idea how it will be in America. The cast list has nothing to do with the size of the part, and everything to do with the level of the actor’s celebrity. The studio believes Hugh and Halle are the biggest stars, so that’s how they advertise it. Hugh and Halle got paid the most, so they should be headlining. But Storm is not the second-biggest character in the film.
cast & money/top billing always bothered me in films

i think its safe to assume that jackman is making the most, b/c as somebody pointed out, he's an exec producer too

then probably berry....then prob stewart/ian/famke

even though that's how hollywood works, it just seems kinda funky to me that wolverine/storm makes more money than the chuck/magneto

oh well its only money, that i'll never see in my lifetime :o

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