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Jun 7, 2005
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Not physically, the show. I really think this thing would do great live action. Granted it would be pulling away from it's Johnny Quest roots, but who cares!?
Why not keep it a cartoon? WHat would it gain from being live action, besides bigger expenses?
Oh, of course. But then, really, who doesn't? :o
huskerwebhead said:
He wants to be able to squeeze Brock's buttocks.

Aha ha ha ha oh my sides, a gay joke ahha ha ha . Dr. Girlfriend's buttocks maybe
I LOVE the Venture Bros. but I had no idea it was a Johnny Quest spin-off...
Well see, now that makes a whole hell of a lot of sence. Why did I not ever make that connection?
Can't wait for the new episodes. Especially to see how they handle the last seasons' cliffhanger.
When do they start?

I love the FF ripoffs.

I wanna see the Clones

Will they finally say that Dean is Brocks son/clone
Man, I am so glad someone started a thread about this show. It has been one of my favorites that [adult swim] has ever ran. I can't wait for the new season.
This show is pretty good but Im more of an Aqua Teen/Harvey Birdman fan.
I remember seeing that. Hella funny.


*Dr. Venture is waiting for the bathroom*

Dr. Venture: Dean, what are you doing in there?

Dean: I'm practicing being a good boyfriend, pop.

Dr. Venture: .....nevermind
Dean: Are you a pirate?

Triana: What?

Dean: It's just you have a Jolly Roger on your blouse, and I was wondering...

Triana: Oh, yeah. I was going for a kind of Adam and the Ants retro type of ... did you just say blouse?
The Question said:
*Dr. Venture is waiting for the bathroom*

Dr. Venture: Dean, what are you doing in there?

Dean: I'm practicing being a good boyfriend, pop.

Dr. Venture: .....nevermind

Hahahaha! Classic!
Hank Venture: Brock, I've thought a lot about it, and if we can't get the antidote in time, and it comes down to it, I - well, I want you to be the one to kill me
Brock Samson: Don't talk like that, Hank. We're gonna fi...
Hank Venture: Promise me, Brock!
Brock Samson: OK.
Hank Venture: Promise?
Brock Samson: Yes, I promise.
Hank Venture: Super swear?
Brock Samson: Yes, Hank!
Hank Venture: Hey, Brock?
Brock Samson: [sighs] Yeah?
Hank Venture: How would you do it?
Brock Samson: You're asleep, quick jerk of the neck, never feel a thing.
Hank Venture: You've thought about this.
Brock Samson: Yes, I have.

Dr. Girlfriend: Sweetie, isn't that the guy from Depeche Mode?
The Monarch: Oh, no way! Where? Holy crap, he's with a girl!
Dr. Girlfriend: Oh yeah, that guy is totally straight. I saw a whole thing about him on the VH1.
The Monarch: But he's the guy from Depeche Mode. It's impossible.
Dr. Girlfriend: Straight.
The Monarch: Come on! He's in Depeche Mode!
Man, I can't wait until the new season starts. :up:
Did you guys see the message [as] had up one night about a fan who had written in saying that he had seen the first episode of the new season. [as] replied by saying "Where the hell did you see the episode at? We haven't even seen it yet!" I thought it was pretty funny, and someone was probably just confused.
Season 2 opener up on Adult Swim Fix right now, showing on TV on Sunday at 1030. Was totally hilarious:)
Has anyone bought the Season 1 DVD? I was impressed by original art they had on the DVD slip, it's a good looking case. The commentaries are hilarious. Cartoon commentaries are some of my fave, both Venture Bros and Invader Zim feature some of the most delightful, funny and energetic commentaries around, the kind that can be listened to over and over.
Unleashed said:
Will they finally say that Dean is Brocks son/clone
Wouldn't Hank make more sense?

I love this show to death and can't wait for Sunday!:D

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