I am a Fan of the

All of them. Also the various cartoons, video games, and novels.
I like them ALL!

I was introduced by way of the TV show as a kid. read the comics vorasciously as an adolescent, and as an adult, though flawed, there were things I really liked about the movie.

If you asked me to rank them, well of course I have to say the comic is the best, but it is unfair since the comic has had 45 years of history to build. So yeah, it will always have a greater, more powerfull following.
And after this movie comes out, there will be a whole new choice to throw into the mix.
Just choose the main one if possible.
Poll sucks. All or nothing? pfft....

I used to love the TV Show as a child, but I hate the general consensus of it being "the REAL Hulk" to some "fans". It had it's moments, but it was pretty much watered down Hulk.
I'm with Nivek on this one. :bh:

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