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I Loves Me Some Concept Art


Aug 20, 2005
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Anyone seen these before? Or am I just bringing up some ol'sh¡t?


IMO these images just set a slightly darker tone. How I wish this movie could have had some of this darker tone. Oh well.

Just throwing these out there. I've never seen these before. I think they're all spectacular, well except for the truck/prison one. :up: for the rest of'em. Anyone else??
We've seen them before, but no problem in seeing them again.

I like them very much - the colours, mood and tone. But I think the 'Hitler rally' type imagery for Magneto was perhaps a little extreme. And concept art almost always looks better than anything real.

I'd have no problem with the movie being a lot darker and moodier...I thought the use of light, darkness and shadow was not atmospheric enough in many places in X3.... Ratner went for vivid visuals rather than mood. And having seen how many scenes in Superman Returns were digitally treated to get the right 'lighting' (there was a thread in that forum showing the amount of digital work just on an exterior of the farmhouse), I'd imagine it's very expensive and time-consuming to alter the look of everything in that way.
I hadn't seen those before. Thanks for sharing. I really like the last one, dunno why.
Pretty cool, but it reminds me more of star wars
Lots of production art is available on illustrator Daren R. Dochterman's official site.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Here are concept pieces from my work on “X-Men: The Last Stand” for Production Designer Ed Verreaux. The bulk of the work was designing the Worthington Labs in their various incarnations throughout script revisions... this work was primarily done by conceptualizing in Lightwave 3D and overpainting in photoshop. I also did the first pass on specialty props in the film.

©2006 Twentieth Century Fox, Inc.








SOURCE LINKS:http://www.betafive.com/PORTFOLIOSITE/XMen3.html
aw, DC woulda been a great setting. Great find as always Retro! :up:
omg ****in amazing Retroman.

and this is random, but is this jacket that robert rodriguez is wearing the same as Cyclop's from X3??? Same red and yellow stripe on the side

Yes, I believe it is. Good eye.
Nice one xii22_loop.:cyclops:
aw, DC woulda been a great setting. Great find as always Retro! :up:
SF wasn't a problem with me really. Better than setting it in New York or LA - cities that have been attacked for countless times on film.:o
Is the X3 script (pre Ratner) online? I'm very interested to see it.
Save for the brief script review on AICN, I haven't seen it released.
for the looks of it, it was gonna end on DC, I remember a Fan-made script of this movie with that ending, and it was awsome.....
And let's not forget what could have been .... (still hate Ratner!)

And let's not forget what could have been .... (still hate Ratner!)


the style of that "shot" is really good, the tone, the colours.... is more artistic than what we got.

I think the scene would have been better at night, don't you think? or in the evenning.

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