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I made a comic book...

damn, not bad corpy. I didn't know you had talent
I remember when you used to frequent these parts quite often Corpy, you should come back every once in a while with more greatness.
Thanks, everyone. I drew it to scale on normal 8.5" x 11" paper and I had to condense it all into 11 pages because I couldn't physically draw more than that in the time I had. So I've been thinking I might revisit it, expand it to a full 22 or 25 pages so the story works better, and draw it on actual 11" x 17" bristol boards to get the whole comic illustrating experience.
Great stuff Corpy, I especially liked the GL poster.
Some damn nice work there Corpster. Loved the little comic homages there too.
The vampire's only on the first page. I thought starting the comic through the sketches of the protagonist would be cool.
sweet :) :up: the only wrong with the story is the ending doesn't feel completed other then that it was good
Yeah, I pretty much rushed the ending. I wanted a more climactic fight sequence, but I had to go all Bendis on it and cut it down to like 80% setup and 20% action. I would've stretched it out to around 13 or 14 pages and included a splash page if I had time.
I read the first page:

He did a comic book about Dracula and he didn't tell me? ME OF ALL PEOPLE!

Needless to say my fears were soon laid to rest. It was a nice coming of age story and I really liked the bit about "the band responds to your desires, not your wishes". That was a cool twist. You should really expand the story.
Really good stuff man. I never come into this part of the thread, but I quite enjoyed your comic.

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