I miss...

I miss being in my late teens/early twenties. I felt like I ruled the world back then. Now I'm just another schlub with a car loan and a love affair with my DVR.
Dog Lips is still here...and voted for Duke in the Deathmatch, oddly enough.
I miss knowing Vampire kryptonite is only sunlight, and a cross
most of my friends before they got married. Now they're boring and gaining weight rapidly.
...my original double sided "Revenge" of the Jedi movie poster. :( Manufactured before Lucas changed the name. Hurricane Hugo came through years ago, and flooded my parents house in parts. I have one lone photograph of myself sitting in front of that poster before it was washed away....
Yes it was. With the lightsaber colors switched and everything. I also lost all my Thundercats figures in that flood too, haha! Hugo was a *****.
I don't miss my virginity ... Glad it's gone!
I miss:

Holly Goodhead
my old usernames Ultimate_Superman/All-Star Superman/Tony Montana
And the good ol days where this board was fun and the mods were not as strict.

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