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I Need Your Ideas And Suggestions For A Figure.


Mar 26, 2006
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I'm planning on making a short 'A-Team' Movie (possibly just the opening credits) using action figures for a bit of fun, Trouble is i cant find a figure sutible to be my favorite member 'Hannibal' My first thought was a Stargate figure of O'Neill, but i cannot get hold of him in the UK (i have a Rocky 3 clubber lang for B.A.)

Do ou guys have any ideas or suggestions of a figure i could use, or customise to use (except the old Galoob A team figures, i want them to look realistic)
for those who don't know


Now scale might be an issue here right?....if it isn't, there was a Reginald Barclay figure made in DST's Star Trek Line

that's the best pic I could find


If time isn't an issue you can sit on your butt and wait for DST to eventually make a Battle Star galactica 70s Starbuck figure.....but I doubt it'll happen any time soon if it even does

Even then the DST figs are almost 8 inches tall and have poor artic....and the clothes still don't match...and you'll need a hat.....But Barclay looks Like Murdoch......what with Dwight Shultz playing them both and all....

as for old Hannibal.....I dunno....I remember having Mego style figs in Him, Face and Murdoch as a kid......and a General Lee to put them in (what did I know?)

Hmmm......No Idea's for Murdoch....or Face really I guess.
How about Mic from Rocky? Or if he's too old, maybe Nick Fury, and only show him from certain angles?
Thanks for that rough, i never knew they did a Dwight Shultz figure from when hewas in star trek, If an other people have any other suggestions regarding Hannibal, i'd much appreciate it.

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