I ran out of Knives, so I used a screwdriver to make my Peanut Butter Sandiwch

while you are at it.....put it through your head, the peanut butter will get to your brain quicker that way :):up:
dagnabbit, Darren, you made me laff out loud at work! :mad:
now they know I'm not working :(
...So you're basically screwed? :confused:
twylight said:
...So you're basically screwed? :confused:

Boom chit.


Thanks for correcting that.

my one just makes it sound like a spanish/columbian swearword :o
Brodie is even lazier than me... I applaud you, sir.
I wonder what it's like to make love to a screwdriver?
Aladdin>Lion King.

I relate to Aladdin alot more. cuz I love to rub things.
I was at work on graveyard shift once and found out my ******* coworkers had used the last plastic utensil (even though I bought them for my use only) I had to eat my tv dinner with an expired driver's licence for a scooper :(

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