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I'd Like You Guys' Input On Something

Radiant Dawn

Jan 18, 2007
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I was sitting around doing nothing and had a thought. Wouldn't it be great to have someone on here make YouTube videos discussing the latest happenings on the Boards or the News on the front page? I know Mee does his reports, but they seem to be kind of rare. So, I decided to ask what you guys thought, since it DOES involve all of us Hypsters.
It's probably best to outgrow the video making. :up:
That is an awesome idea. I fully support this...and nominate you as SHH anchorwoman :up:
Who said I would do the reporting? I know I didn't. I may just do Behind-The Scenes work, if this thing even goes anywhere.

Meh...its your idea. Anchorwoman should go to you...natural order of things and whatnot.
You can't come up with an awesome idea and then just leave it there for someone else to pick up. Take advantage of your opportunities!
If you three "like" the idea of me being anchorwoman, I know it's a bad one.

Now why would you go and think something like that? What would lead you to believe that us three would lead you down the wrong path?
What are you talking about. I don't remember anything about that. Perfect angels we are.
I don't think you have the aesthetics for the camera.
Shut up Mr. Sparkle. Quit being so negative, this is a great opportunity. God TOB and Knowsbleed, isn't Mr. Sparkles being an ass?

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