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I'd LOVE to live in this apartment...


Apr 13, 2002
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...if I were a piece of poo poo.

A friend of my boss works in a cleaning company, which concentrates on private properties. So his job is pretty much to clean apartments when the owner/landlord can't/won't do it himself.

It was November 16th, 2006 in Espoo, Finland, when he got a call to go to check this one apartment out. Apparently the neighbors of the tenant have been complaining about the horrible smell that came from the apartment in question. The landlord couldn't get contact to the tenant for weeks, so he used his own key to check what the hell is happening inside. 1h after that, our hero got his call.

He and his co-worker drove to the given address and the landlord let them in. I'm not quite sure what happened immediately after this, but one of them left quite fast to get the camera. So without any more gibberish, let's start the tour.

This seems to be some kind of a "store room" near the entry, to where the tenant decided to throw everything that popped out from his mail slot.

The bathroom. Apparently, hygiene is not on this guy's friends list on myspace.

The living room/bed room. This is probably my favourite one, because of the guy sitting on the bed(?)

The guy with white overalls is one of the workers who won this jackpot. Unfortunately, you can't see the full expression on his face, but I'm fairly sure he's mentally far far away from that apartment.

Another pic from the lr/br with better lighting and without the suicidal guy.

Entering the kitchen. No idea what that poo poo on the wall and on the fridge is.

The kitchen. Turning on the stove right now is not recommended.

And another pic from the kitchen. The man just loves his rye bread and eggs.
If you can compete with this with pics of your own slobby mcslobbiness...I'll give you kudos.
Considering that's real, I'm pretty much speechless.

The place is called Espoo. I mean, come on. That's like, Spanish for, "the poo."

Haha, "The man just loves his rye bread and eggs."
The best solution to places like that is gasoline and a match. The guys who clean places like that deserve a purple heart. The yare the REAL heros
The best solution to places like that is gasoline and a match. The guys who clean places like that deserve a purple heart. The yare the REAL heros
Screw that. They can get a real job. Just burn the mothaf***a.
You realize that that apartment is sombodys vietnam..:csad:
i've never seen anything like that before
its like a really bad joke.
You know, I wouldn't be surprised to find out the owner was dead under there somewhere. Something had evolved killer instincts and had come after him. I shudder to think what the inside of the fridge looked like.
I think the real question is... How the hell did they get in? I'm positive that I locked the door.
omg that is absolutely disgusting. I can not understand how someone could let their home get that way, let alone live in it :wow: but I say this from the opposite extreme becuase I am an anal retentive ocd neat freak.
Yeah, so um, you guys must've missed Oprah's tow parter this week on hoarders. I'm not so proud to say that the woman is a Marylander.


Brace yourselves…what's going on behind closed doors will leave you speechless. A 3,000-square-foot house is filled with 75 tons of garbage. One woman's own children turned her in, now we're going in to dig her out


This woman's shopping habit nearly buried her alive in her own home. The emotional intervention that required Peter Walsh's tough love.

Her Secret Shame

It took hundreds of people, a heavy duty cleaning crew and the ultimate yard sale. See Sharyn's dramatic home makeover!

A Fresh Start
Hm..That's just as bad as the houses I've seen on that show "How Clean Is Your House?" But the one's on that show are pretty disgusting as well.:o
I wonder if they'll find any missing maids under the rubble?

i would never even attempt to clean that apartment i would just fall to the floor and cry.

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