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Jun 29, 2004
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Knowin' my extended family, I'm gonna be getting a lot of Barnes and Nobles gift cards, and I wanted some ideas on what I should pick up.

I was thinkin' about getting Batman: Secrets, among other things. What else should I pick up?
City of Crime!
Hush Returns!
War Crimes!
War Games!

If you want to see the World's Greatest Detective do some actual detective work for once, I highly, HIGHLY recommend a novel (Note, it's a book. Not a comic) called The Forensic Files of Batman.
Yeah, I've got that. I picked it up at Half Price Books a while back. Good book.
City of Crime!
Hush Returns!
War Crimes!
War Games!


That's evil. You know they've already got the characterization for Joker.

I recommend Under The Hood Vol 1 and 2. Also Venom and Child Of Dreams, it's Batman done in a manga style, but it's extremely well written.
I've heard a lot about Child of Dreams, and it sounds great. I've got the "Under the Hood" saga in issue form, though. Venom, however, I might have to pick up.
Venom is awsome, one of my favourite stories, just because its so different! Child Of Dreams is so good, my friends got it for me as a leaving present and I left it at home thinking meh, Batman manga, but I read it once I came home and wow, it was awsome.
Say, is that Batman/Deathblow series that Bermejo did collected anywhere, or what? And if it isn't, is it relatively easy to find?

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