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If A Games Company Can Get The Rights To Ghostbusters.....


Mar 26, 2006
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And the likenesses, how come Neca never could for there second wave of Ghostbusters figures. I heard the reason they were never made was because Bill Murray would not give his permission to use his facial likeness, yet he must have gave it to the computer game company who later this year are bringing out a game?

I contacted Neca over a year ago asking if there would be a second series and when we could expect it, Neca never replied.

Anyone have any idea what happened to the second series?
At the time, Bill Murray didn't want his likeness used. That is what killed the 2nd series. This is a different time, different situation, and there must have been something that made him change his mind. Dan Akroyd has been pestering him for a 3rd GB movie for years...maybe this way he can figure get him off his case about it.
No Murray + No other Ghostbusters = No interest in the line.
It's a damn shame. I bought the whole line of NECA's GB toys, including both dogs (even though they're the same toy, different name on the package) and Stay Puft. Despite not having the Ghostbusters themselves, they still did a hell of a job on those figs. In addition to Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston, I would have liked to have see:
-Vigo the Carpathian
I would love the 4 GBs....but three just wouldn't do
No i know Venkman was my favorite by far, and the first i'd buy, man if only neca could get Murrays likeness.

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