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I'm Going to be a Daddy: Need Baby Names


Dec 3, 2004
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Well folks, it's official: I'm going to be a daddy.

(No I haven't become a pimp, it means I have knocked a girl up and my demon child is going to come raging out of her birth canal in a bloody coup of her vagina)

So I am looking for some suggestions for baby names guys :)
OMG!! congrats, KB :up: don't know if you were planning to have a child or not, but hopefully you're ready . . .

I like the name Hutton . . . I always thought first names that sound like last names are cool . . . and it's a unisex name
Thanks a lot my man :up:

Can't say it was planned at all and it kinda came at a bad time but I'm kinda glad it is with the ex wife, I'll admit.

The name we agree on so far is Logan.
Mr. Moneybags.


You'll be setting your kid up for richness. :heart:

lol, congrats tho, RoAWKinG!

You made people. :up:
The Goddamned Batman.

Whatever you do, please don't name your kid Commodore Schmidlap. 'Cause I'm taking that one.
Congrats, man. You now join an exclusive Future Baby Daddy club here at the Hype which includes myself, Matt, mrvlknight21 and a few other people that are apparently not memorable enough for me to remember their names. :o

Sweet Clyde for sure.
do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?

Boy's names:-Evan, Anthony, Michael, Andrew, Robert and Pete are all good

Girl's names:-Ashley, Nicole, Danielle, Jennifer and Massiel are some of my favorites
Congrats, KB

Just pick a name that he/she will be proud of when they are grown.

I like the name Logan also :)

but other names I like:
Drake, Cameron, Colin, Jacob (Jake for short)

I like lots more, but those are some of my favs :)
No we don't want to know the sex until the day it comes shooting out of the womb.

The plan was to give it a funky cool name (but seems like I'm the only one keeping our word on it, the names she is picking are kinda meh. Then again, I'm also the dude who suggested naming it "Macaroni".)
Oh and p.s. congratualtions to Jag etc on having good swimmers too :up:

oh and Jag, does the F.B.D.C. get cool badges and junk?
Congrats! :yay:

Girl - Amanda
Boy - Vincent

Names not to use...Madison, Addison, MacKenzie, Hayden, Jayden, Jackson, Braxton, Emily, Ava, Elizabeth, any name that is made up, or looks like it's spelling is the result of a Scrabble board falling out of the box.
I'm young but if I ever have kids a boy name for me is Randal and a girl name for me is Scarlette.
Lobo stole my suggestions, though I'd add Rebecca to the list of female names.
Yorick would be awesome.

Alfred is good. You can call him Al, Fred, Freddy, Fredo, Alfredo.

lots of possiblities there.
- Parasite (boy or girl)

- Poo Factory (boy or girl)

- Jezebel (girl)

- Guv'nah (boy)

- Brother Voodoo (boy)

- Cheetah (girl)

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