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I'm Random!

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Jul 1, 2009
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First off. People seem to think I'm trying to be funny. I'm not. I'm not funny. I'm just trying to talk.

I'm sorry that it happens to be when I'm drunk. But on the brightside at least I'm talking to you guys right?

I'm going to try my best to keep this coherent.

So I was at this party tonight and everyone was being lame so I decided I was going to start swimming. HUGE pool but no one was swimming.

I jump in and having an awesome time by myself when I see one of my friends (who is a woman) over next to the pool looking sad, so I swim over.

"Heeeeeey!" I say.

"Hi Ronnie."

"What's wrong?"

"Oh nothing it's just _____" (Another friend who I met not long ago that is really cool and knows a lot about movies. I guess the two started dating the other day)

"I see, what happened?"

She then tells me that like, he was being rude to her. I tell her that ANOTHER friend told me that he got some girl's number while the two of them were at some bar. This upsets her.

First thing, I also told her that I just HEARD that gossip, which does not by any means make it true.

Second, I've been friend with her WAY longer than this cat she's seeing, even though I really like him. I thought she deserved to know. Espically if the story was that he got a number RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. (So she should have already known)

I swim off and start playing Aquaman with myself.

I guess she starts crying and talks to some other people. As I was leaving her "boyfriend" was like,

"Yeah, later whatever"

Really acting like a jerk. Then as I was walking to my car one of his friends came out and said, "Hey Ronnie what's up with you saying..."

It really, really pissed me off.

I feel bad because I really started to fit in with the guys and felt like a new "crowd" to hang out with.

But, I don't feel I did anything wrong. I told the girl, my friend, what I heard and even said it may not be true.

Then the guy said, "Yeah well ______(The guy I heard the gossip from) just doesn't want to see him with a good girl finally"

And I'm just like, "What are you talking about! Why would he give two thoughts about this guy seeing a girl! And this guy cheated on his ex ALL THE TIME!"

"Oh well, she was never giving him any sex so..."

"Okay I can see why he MIGHT cheat (I wouldn't), but still just because his ex was not giving him sex doesn't mean she was not a good girl and that this one is any better. And that our friend would purposly try and sabatosh their relationship....for no reason at all."

That's just stupid, right?

I mean I really feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

I was drunk and tried to be civil for a moment then started yelling and screaming ant etc.

No fights, but it would have been different if the guy came up and was like, "Hey Ronnie, I heard you said this to _____ and I understand why you told her that, but here is how I look at it all."

Instead of, "Hey what's up with you telling.."

It was the "Hey what's up with you" part that really made me angry........and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

As if I was betraying someone. The "bro code" which I think is total horse **** anyways.

The concept of the code rocks, but if one of your "bros" is a woman, then it should still apply.

So am I right or wrong??????

On a lighter note, I finally got my baby of a girlfriend to go out with me and drink tonight.

It was hard because one of the parties tonight was at an ex-flings house for her new boyfriend's birthday party. And my girl was like, "AHHHH!!!! I'M NOT GOING TO GO TO HER PARTY!!!!!"

And I said, "you'd really like her." But Margarita (my girlfriend. An appropriate name for my girlfriend I might add) still said she wouldn't go....untill she realized I was going with or without her.

So we show up and I start drinking and a lot of old people are there playing music and jamming out. Then I hear my hosts talking about this guest who just showed up and how much they hate him and how crazy he is.

So I go up to introduce myself.

His name is Billy. And hot damn (I've never rode in a convertable before) Is he crazy.

He talked a hundred words per minute, but what I gathered from our introduction was that I was now going to be his "road dog" for the rest of the night.

I think what he meant was someone to back him up when he started talking trash to people.

That never happened but we gambled a little and I think I won a dollar off of him.

He turned out to be a drummer and I realized why the other old people let him hang out. Because the entire time you could see the awkward faces everyone was giving him, but then he started drumming and it was really good.

So I think they put up with him because he is a decent musician.

And he liked me because I listened to him ramble and just shook my head and said, "Hell yeah man! I hear ya!" a lot.


I would really be happy if Nolan just wrote the story for Batman 3 and then had those cats make it an animated movie. Solve the Joker problem pretty easy.

I can't type anymore. It's about to get sloppy.

i think i might puke

i think dbella was hitting on me earlier ;)
I got half way through. Then started getting all nastalgic about the days when not every person had a computer to put meaningless crap like this on the web.
I went to a party, bow chicka wow wow and I like swimming with Aquaman.

I didn't know whether to blow chunks in the pool or party like a rockstar with my hands in my pants.

So I decided to do the latter and my girlfriend Tequila, what a bish, wanted to eat fruity pebbles out of a bowl.

Who does that?

I didn't want her to have the fruity pebbles out of a bowl so I decided to tell my bro, who's really a ho, that the guy who she's bro-ho-ing is not really a dude... dude.

I didn't know whether I should fight the entire party, but I decided to anyway because I'm gangsta like that.

So I won because I'm gangsta like that.

My road dawg fo' life wanted to eat some tacos and I looove tacos so I offered to bet him a dollar that I could get a taco before he could get a taco.

So I won a dollar and I had a taco to go with my dollar and a dollar and a taco makes me want to get drunk.

We're all drunk we're all wasted I'm drunk and wasted yummy taco I have a dollar.

I wanted to drive around with my taco and a dollar wasted but I was stressing about my bro-ho who was still swimming upstream without a paddle because her boyfriend doesn't allow her to have paddles.

Turns out he's a paddle peddler and peddles paddles on the paddle peddling market.

What a *****ey mcpaddle peddler.

I says, "Hey ho"

She say, "Hey bro"

"I'm not your bro"

"Low blow"

"So GO!"

"Fo' sho?"


I don't think she's ever going to learn not to mess with paddle peddling punks who pedant and watch plays about the pirates of penzance.

Hot damn! I eat babies but not real babies.

These are babies that are molded out of ground beef and wrapped in sausage tubing, molded to look like a baby for the sake of art.

They cost $5 on eBay.

They deliver.

I'm a sloppy kisser.

My girlfriend, Moonshine, loves to bring a towel to our make out spot.

She also brings a big plastic bowl to drain the towel in because we kiss shloppily in the moonlight with Moonshine.

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale Moonshine?

She's really pale, I love goth chicks.

I love Christopher Nolan and if I ever had the chance to buttsecks there would be no hesitation.

If he could only Dark my Knight I'd totally Bat his man... man.

I think DBella wants to Pickles my ComicChick.

I threw up in my hair.
That post by Knowsbleed was full of awesome sauce.
From knowsbleed's post, I've learned that he's a male **** (ie. a playa). He has two girlfriends' for goodness' sakes ( Tequila and Moonshine - sexy names, btw)! *high fives*
i didn't bother to read any of the first post, but knowsbleed's is just awesome. :up:
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