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Infamous Movie Cast

Silver Lantern

comic nerd
Aug 29, 2004
Reaction score
Cole MaGraph------------------- Timothy Olyphant or Jason Statham
Lucy Kuo----------------------- Lucy Lu
Zeke Dunbar-------------------- Bruce Campbell
Dr. Sebastian Wolfe------------- Morgan Freeman
Joseph Bertrand----------------- Unknown actor
John White/ Beast--------------- Michael Jai White

The other actors im not sure of as of yet but love to see many of the ideas from both games put into the film including all his powers, the creatures, electric zipline, rail sliding and awsome creatures he fights against and with a little matrix fighting style and spidercam usage with CGI creatures and great cast and plot. There should be more about his life, family and Kuo and Nix tearing him in two different directions of good and evil choices to make against the threats and hard for him to chose and also using the blast shards to upgrade his powers searching the city for pieces of the core shards.
Post more opinions here and anything else about this.

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