Iron Man 3 Iron Man as a series - Technology utopia or dystopia?


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Oct 31, 2006
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Hi everyone,

How do you think technology is portrayed in the Iron Man series, as a good thing or a bad thing? I know there's alot of bad things like technology being used for terrorism, military use and propoganda etc but I actually think it's more about how bad people use good technology for bad reasons.

A good example is the way Tony uses
technology to analyse a crime scene.
So overall I would say that Iron Man is optimistic about the future of technology.

What do you think?
The main theme I think goes back to IM1. Tech is good but you need accountability. Cautiously optimistic I'd call it.

The tech can be incredibly useful to society or destructive depending on how it's directed.

Just like real life there's balance between good and evil everywhere.
I'd say the overall theme is definitely technocratic. Tony is all about using technology for the greater good.
It's pretty about the right people using technology for the right purposes, as opposed to self-serving or "bad" purposes.

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