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Iron Man movie figs!!! Pics inside!


Avengers Assemble!
Oct 7, 2005
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Hi guys, I found these in over the net.... And they freaking look awesome!

Way to go Hasbro!!!!






Double biceps, double knees....Oh man...these figs look really nice!
Sweet! Now if only you spelt Iron Man right in the title.
Now we know what Mark II looks like, well i do now don't know if you guys did.
look pretty good actually
im surprised
didnt realize that was ironmonger at first, just thought it was a different mark 1
I haven't bought an action figure for awhile, but these might just end up on my desk.
There really great.
I hope see see toys for armors that won't be in the movie.
I would love a movie style crimson dynamo.
Why the hell did I say Mark 4? I meant 3. GIMME ONE!
Awesome figure's, Hasbro hasn't done a very good job with most of the Marvel figures, but I'm very impressed with these.
but that's not a true Mark 2......it just looks like an unpainted Mark 3.....pics of the Mark 2 have been shown and it was bulkier like the ML1 version...but moviefied.

Also......Way to knock it out of the park Hasbro.....I can say right now that I am definetally getting the Mark 1 and the mark 3 and the Iron Monger, and I`ll get the mark 2 if it makes a significant appearance in the movie.

That said, they can do a realy lot with this line if they do it right.....they can put in Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man very very easy (Comic Versions, or close enough versions of) other comic villains could get in there, but something tells me they'd be sticking with armored guys.

Also if rumors are true this sounds like a great way to make an Ultimate Nick Fury for all the fans.

Damn these look great.
Even a Hulk figure if it turns out to be truth the rumor over at the Iron Man area!!!!

:bh: :im:
where'd you find these pics anyway?

It's odd that the first pics we find are packaged and appear to be sitting on someone's rug

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