Iron Man IRON MAN Wizard #196 Cover NEW IMAGE


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Nov 15, 2006
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New pic looks awesome. Here's the mag specs:

[FONT=Verdana,arial, helvetica,sans-serif]2008 PREVIEW SPECTACULAR!
What do your favorite publishers have in store for the upcoming year?
Will Marvel's Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu be the breakout hit of 2008, or can Green Lantern rule the racks as well as the spaceways? We forecast the comics landscape for the fanboy nation!

Go behind the scenes of Marvel Studios' latest superhero franchise, including in-depth interviews with cast members Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard and director Jon Favreau. Get inside the heavy metal hero and blast off for Marvel's biggest movie event of 2008!

Final Crisis, DC's latest event series, courtesy of superstar creators Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones, will alter the status quo of the DCU like no other Crisis! This series marks the culmination of everything that's been happening in the DCU for the last several years, and we've got the scoop on what to expect.

Ultimates creators Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch reunite to tackle Marvel's First Family-the Fantastic Four! When this superstar pairing...

Saw this at my LCS and didn't no if it was new or not.
Am I the only one who thinks Iron Man looks like the most badass hero this year?
i wouldnt disagree with that at all...ive been waiting for this movie for years and am thankful that its looking the way that it is. the armour looks great. Downy Jr as Stark is beautiful...and hell if they make the lil tie in with hulk possible ill crap my drores lol love the look of this movie and am looking forward to it more than almost anything in a long time simply for the fact it really looks like it will deliver
Great post and picture, we get to see the rest of the one we have already got!
Awesome picture! Thanks for posted!
Am I the only one who thinks Iron Man looks like the most badass hero this year?

No. He simply looks awesome. Every time I think about this film my imagination runs amok--much like it did with the anticipation of the Spidey films.
just a bit of interesting trivia, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise were rumoured to be up for the part of Edward Scissorhands, a part that went to Johnny Depp. All three actors have been associated with playing the role of Tony Stark:

-In September 1998, actor Tom Cruise had expressed interest in producing as well as starring in the film debut of Iron Man.

-In The Ultimates issue #4 Nick Fury suggests Johnny Depp as the perfect person to play Tony. "Picture him doing Ed Wood in an Iron Man suit and you've got Tony Stark up there in celluloid, baby".

-And of course Robert Downey Jr. is playing Iron Man.

I was always pushing for Depp until they cast Downey Jr. and i realised it was perfect.

And yes i'm aware this has no redeeming academic merit whatsoever
Another awesome pic of 'ol Metalhead.
They've totally nailed the look. Very excited to see the action. :im:
Haven't seen it without the text so:


That pose is Epic.
Yeah this picture means nothing now that Ledger is dead.
Double post. His death is breaking the forums.
With every new picture of Iron Man i get more and more excited about this film. The pose in the picture looks great and he looks like he's about to kick ass which is always good. :yay: :yay: :woot:
The picture looks awesome, can't wait to see the armor in action.
Nice! They are so nailing this thing in every possible way!
Amazing. The suit is incredible. I can not wait for this film.

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