Iron Man 2 IronMan 2 MKV "Extremis" Costume build W.I.P.

or do a how to so people could do their own! these are awesome man
You come from a family of thieves and butchers...


You lose...
Not bad but you should try and replace the leather straps to some kind of metal. Might hurt or be too heavy but if you're going to make that, you best go all out.
Also, get some tattoos, paint some of your hair white, grow a goatee, wear grandma glasses, and chew on a toothpick. Last but not least, get yourself a burd.
well i guess these blueprints must be wrong, cause i just did what they said.


haha check out how threatening my whips looks :p

Dude, answer your door already! Its probably that Ten Rings guy with your passport. Have a nice time in Monaco! :awesome:
Damn how do you come up with those suits? Do you keep making new ones or remodel the old ones?

And why is that the Mark 5? Which is the Mark 4?
I can't wait to see the final result! And you could get a page on DeviantART! That way, more people could see your AMAZING suits!
Hum...sorry about that last stupid computer didn't loaded the whole pae and I didn't saw the other Images....GOD! your suits look astonishing!
The war machine you seen me make was a concept of my own/hybrid of other design. I really want to start making an Iron Patriot "star chest R-T" but i need to get started on a Gundam mobile suit "heavy arm custom or wing zero custom" dont know yet. it will be going to comic-con and Nan desu kan of 2010. :D Also wanted to build a stealth armor from the comic series.

i only have a myspeae that about it.

Can I hire you to make an iron man suit for me?

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