Iron Man World Iron Man 2 MKV "Suit case armor" Build 2010 Master Le :D


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Aug 6, 2009
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ok, hey everyone, you guys probably know who i am, may like or dislike me. i take it as a complement, and i will continue to build things. Not just iron man but other things after Iron man 2 and so forth, like Gundam wing, or Metal gear solid. who knows :D, I really do enjoy art work in many ways. also dont de-rail my thread

War Machine Iron man 2

"eyes are photoshopped, had to take the eyes out to redo them in brighter LEDs"


kiss form Sailor Mars


standing next to Iron man MKVI


Anyways here's what ill be creating/building.



Iron man MKV "Suit case armor

I will be attempting the sectioned helmet, so when it goes up it's multiple sections and when closed its one piece. so need time to work on it.


So Going to start this build before the movie hits. Which is a little over 2 months. Anyways hope you everyone enjoy this build i will take forth :D, also if there any more ref pic, please post, it would be greatly appreciated.​
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THIS IS AMAZING! Please take videos of you making these and pics and post them!!!!!!!
Good Luck!

We would love to see your progress over the next 2 months. I love to see how things are built and created.
Masterle247 - Good luck man) You're the best there is at building real Iron Man Armor))

Btw, will you try to use briefcase as an armor, like in the trailer? - 'cause, WITH YOUR talent - everything is possible!
they look awesome, cant wait to see the mark 5 one!
Subscribed - what an awesome suit to copy. I imagine the chest plate-lets will be tough to recreate, as well as that helmet.

So here's a question (you've probably been asked before) but have you ever thought about recreating an armor from the comics? I know I personally would flip out if I saw a classic red & gold, stealth, silver centurion, etc suit done up with your talents.
Tell me, how do you build these costumes with such little reference???
Your work is AMAZING
that faceplate will give you hell, best of luck man
That was meant to be funny by the way don't want to tick anyone off
Edit the thread title and add the word 'My' to it. Hate clicking on these threads that have nothing to do with the movie.
Edit the thread title and add the word 'My' to it. Hate clicking on these threads that have nothing to do with the movie.
actually your incorrect, it does have to do with the movie. Since it the topic and creation of the current soon to be release Iron man 2 Movie armor, which is the Iron man MKV "suit case armor.

:D cheers
ill be starting the build tonight, and keep everyone updated.
You say you build Gundams you mean the model kits? Or a suit to wear like your Iron Man armor?

Sneak peak


*unprimered, and hard to see all the detail"
chest armor 30% so far about 30 minutes of work just this alone :D

Will post more when more is done. So far im am working on 3 Armors,

W.I.P Cosplay/costume

1.Iron Man MKV "suit case armor"
2.Iron Man 2 Enemy Tactical drone "USMC"
3.TOP SECRET, will only reveal once its completed "so far 30%"

Hey Masterle, I really like your stuff and I would love to talk to you about it. Can you PM me?

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