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Is Game Music Good For The Heart?



Do you get that really good feeling when you listen to some old game music...and remember one of your favorite games?? XD
this thread made me think of listening to some final fantasy midis. so thanks.
See? that is proof that those tunes, melodies and sounds are in our memory and we like them!!!! XD
It's better than some of the mainstream crap out right now... If I had an Ipod I bet it would be full of TV/Movie/VG/Anime music... but thank goodnes I stil haven't been bitten by the pod bug... I know the pod is cool and all but I don't want one... for now...
Yes, "One winged Angel" makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.
I went and saw Nobuo Uematsu last year at the Sydney Opera House... Final Fantasy music never sounded so good :up:
Yes I do.I love to listen to the Sonic,Final Fantasy,Chrono Trigger,Ecco,Resident Evil,and Starfox music
Ha, I have 3 version of One Winged Angel on my MP3 player, they get a lot of playtime (except the FF7 version... it's like... horrible sounding compared to Advent Children.)
Classic LoZ Overworld
Megaman: Boss selected
SMB 1-1
Metal Gear Series (Various)
FF 1-10 (Including X-2) Various
Xenogears (Two pieces of a broken mirror, Grahf, Knight of Fire)
Chrono Trigger (Battle)
SFII: All the stages
SFA2: Sakura
Songs that I love...
i´ve been listening to silent hill music lately XD
i dont know but since the movie came out i have become totrally obsessed with it XD
Sad fact - I know all the original SFII music off by heart - and that was before I bought the CD.
Silent Hill music is stupidly good.

How about Max Payne? Poets of the Fall - Late Goodbye.

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