Is there a character NONE of us would sweat getting Wacked??

Well, she's not 16, for one thing. She started out around 17 and is now about 19 or 20. She's also never really flaunted her ability to kick ass. Fighting was literally her whole life because of Cain's influence, but she spent most of her time trying to expand her boundaries in other ways, like learning to speak, read, and write, trying to develop a normal life for herself, etc. She's a much more complex character than you're giving her credit for, which is why so many people take exception to the fact that Beechen basically stripped away all of the positive progress she'd been making for the last several years.
Well its the OYL later arc that put me off her in a bad way. I was natural on her before.
Well, she's been grossly mishandled OYL. Beechen and now Johns are pretty much wasting a great character. Most Batgirl fans don't even consider OYL Cassandra the same character as before, really, because there's no plausible motivation for her current actions when taken in light of her established character whatsoever.
sethcohen said:
humping fire hydrants throughout the galaxy doesnt count
You're right, we shouldn't be giving the board members here any advantage. G'Nort gets laid more than 100% of the members of the Hype combined!

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