I've decided to turn off Windows Update


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Mar 13, 2006
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I've decided to turn off Windows Update. My PC used to take only 20-30 seconds to boot up and now it takes 5 minutes thanks to Windows Update. (I've not downloaded any new programs since)

Everytime Windows updates for X Y Z security reason my computer gradually runs slower and slower at startup. Occasionally these updates conflict with firewalls and other anti-malware / anti-virus applications I have and they cause my system to crash.

Anybody else taking their chances without Windows Update?
I hate Windows update. I remember on my last laptop whilst it was installing new updates it stopped then died. And i mean died. I had to buy a new laptop.
Since I deleted something important in my boot sector and all my IT housemate had at home was a pirated copy of Windows XP, it's good reason for me not to hook up to Microsoft's website. :funny:

Depending on the OS version you run, it's probably fine as long as you keep your antivirus updated. XP has frickin' been around forever, so anything they've had to fix is probably fixed by now.
People need to just manage their PCs better. Windows Update is hardly a resource hogger. Set it up so it only installs and/or updates at certain hours, or turn it off and update once a week. Ignoring it completely just isn't smart and will sooner or later bite you in the ass and you might not even realize it.

And yes, this goes for all of you with pirated copies as well. So as long as you know what not to include in the update, you'll be just as fine as 'legit' users.
Its not the program that updates Windows that gives me problems. Its the updates themselves. My PC is off most of the time and only on when I want to use it.

Every once in a while, one of the updates (after a system restart) makes my PC run slower at startup. After months after months of updates, it slowly eats away at my startup time, which is just annoying. I only download the supposed critical updates and I have never had Windows Defender or Windows detect any viruses or malware, it is usually Malware Bytes or Norton Internet Security.

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