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Nov 20, 2007
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Waldo Carnival

we see a man in a purple/ black tuxedo/zoot suit and green hair, blood red lips and pale white makeup with burning, hate filled eyes in a big comfy coach reading the newspaper surronded by tough looking goons weaning clown paint.
"Ah, Halloween, My favorite time of year. The time where the freaks come out at night and decides to have a party."

"But boss, it's May, 19. Halloween is in October"

"You idiot, It's Gotham. And in Gotham, Every Day is Halloween, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA." The clown faced gangster said his killing the goon with a show in the head and chilled the very souls of even the toughest thug in the room.

1939/1940 Gotham, New York at night

We see to 2 people looking at the money the stolen in Crime Alley.
"I'm not sure Joe, Maybe the "Bat-Man" will hunt us down. I mean it was kind of messed up that we stole from an old broad...."

"Come on Jack, The Goddamn Bat-Man is a goddamn myth. I mean the police are corrupted and because of things like the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne and The Great Depression Gotham is the number one worst crime infested city."

"That's all I needed to hear, scumbags." a dark gravelly voice that sounds like some lameass Clint Eastwood impersonation mixed with a low, raspy, growl like whisper.

We see a dark horrific shadow and then we hear loud terrified screaming.

The cops come and we see two people bloodied and bruised with marks of a bat and tied up in strong rope a note. Commissioner Gordon takes and it says "The money if from a widow who has little make sure it goes back to them. sincerely, :batty:

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