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Our Green Lantern and Blade Fanfilms


Mar 25, 2005
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Hey whats goin on guys. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I'm a filmmaker who basically loves comics ha. I'm actually working on an original series right now with some friends for a Green Lantern mini series (Title subject to change). I shot and edited a teaser for the series not too long ago. You can check it out here.

Green Lantern Teaser - Youtube

The series will include other notable DC characters (Batwoman, Mr. Terrific, Huntress, Steele, Question and more) (And yes, the Mr. Terrific is black, he's just light skinned hah) and possibly a few more GL's. We are still shooting the first part currently. I'm just glad to have finally found a decent GL forum ha. Anyways hope you like what you see. We're having fun making it. Comments and Criticisms are always welcome.

Here is also another fanfilm that we did about 3 years ago called "Daywalker" (It's a blade fanfilm if you couldn't tell ha). Here's the trailer for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FNxkLWO9-E

If you'd like to watch the full film, you can do so here:
**Note that you need Quicktime to view the movie.

Anyways, just wanted to share a few things with you all. I'll also be sharing an original project that we've been working on that superhero fans might have some interest in as well. Hope you all enjoy and thanks for your time.

Just watched the GL teaser, and truth be told, I wasn't expecting much. Turns out it was great as far as short teasers are concerned, nice to see you actually have someome who can act (something most fanfilms lack). Has a very professional vibe to it. How far along is the pilot episode?
Hey much appreciation Sasso. The pilot is about halfway done. They are going to be a series of three 3-5 minute shorts.

Majmun - Try it now, the link is fixed, I don't know what happened :\
Ah yeah, nice trailer. Seems like I've seen it before.

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