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Jul 7, 2005
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If Xavier set up the school, like, how could he? Wouldn't he need some sort of notice from the government or something? Or is it private property of Xaviers?
I've always thought that in X1, since Jean Gret was debating Kelly and Xavier was in the public, I assumed that the world knows about Xavier's school and that's why parents are dropping their mutant kids there.

And in X2, the President acts all surprised when they see the jet. Oh, maybe he didn't know Xavier's underground base, likely.

Did the government not know anything about Xavier's school? Isn't it a public school to welcome mutant students?

I'd say, the government knows about Xavier's school, but doesn't know his underground base. Maybe they gave him the money.
Well, the government knows about it now anyway after X2!

That mansion belongs to the Xaviers, its a private school and kids only go there after xavier finds that they are mutants by using cerebro. I doubt the government knew anything about the true nature of the school and why would they.
Oh, that's right. He got the Cerebro. Forgot that. :o
But still, it's like, you can't hide something like that ... forever ... can you? ;) *possible nod to the third x-men movie*
After the events of X2 and the school being plastered over the news, I doubt the school is very private anymore ;)
Maybe that explains the scene with all parents picking (I think) or leaving their kids at the X-mansion. It's public now.

Jean Gret? :p lol I liked her in the debate scene and you can really see her how she struggles to tell her side of the issue. I mean at the time they don't know she's a mutant... do they? It really shows what she's committed to and what she's up against. Watch the last bit when she stares kinda coldly like at Senator Kelly's back. Her look gives you the sense that she's annoyed and pissed cause of what Kelly said about how mutants are real and they can be very dangerous... i hate him but it was great seeing Jean sticking up to her fellow mutants.
As I understood from comic history, the mansion was private property of Xavier's family, using his families wealthy he opened the school and most likely registered it as a school for ''gifted" youngsters, but not ''gifted".

That's why there was the big shock in X2 over a ''mutant training facility."
Well, that would make sense. Something they haven't explained in the movies :(

Where did you get your avvy from, Bill? I wanna see if there are any others :up:
Oh, okay. Yeah, just a question that passed my mind...I haven't read the comics (except two-three) I've just seen the movies. Thanks.

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