Just bought a ps2, need some advice on games...

hippy fascist

Jun 27, 2006
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So I used to have a ps2 but ultimately sold it when the xbox360 came out

I've since gotten rid of my 360 as it was taking up too much of my time and I'm saving up for a mortgage deposit at the moment so saving money took priority.

But I still need my gaming fix, so I bought a ps2.

I figure games for DVD prices = gaming without the financial rape

Plus I'm gonna have to buy one eventually since the ps3 isn't BC anymore and I need to play FFVII and Deus Ex at least once every 18 months, whihc I refuse to do on PC as PC gaming sucks.


As soon as the 360 came out I got rid of my ps2 so I'm not too familiar with the games released towards the latter end of the console's life cycle. Anyone fancy giving me some recommendations on what to check out?
Hippy Fascist, I don't know what type of games you play, but I would recomend...
Metal Slug Anthology (2D run n gun at it's finest, all 7 games in the series. Imagine a side scrolling WW II shooter with a bit of Mad Magazine style and you have the finest 2D shooting series not named Contra ever made.
King Of Fighters XI
SNK Arcade Classics (16 of SNK's finest, Metal Slug, KOF 94, Shock Troopers, King Of Monsters etc. 4/29
Twisted Metal Head On
Sega Genisis Collection (All 3 Golden Axe Games, Super Thunderblade about 10others)
Iron Man 5/2
Neo Geo Battle Coliseum
Capcom Classics Collection 1 + 2
Nice i'll give them a go

Mostly into JRPGs and platformers

Love final fantasy

Hate Kingdom Hearts

Liked ratchet and clank but only played the first 2 games
Since you're into RPGs, I'd recommend Persona 3.
lets see PS2 games i got since having a Ps3
metal gear solid 3

on the to get some time list
yakuza 2
god of war
god of war ii

maybe the shield and 24 and getaway 2 if i see them dirt cheap.
I'm interested in the 24 game, but I heard it got mixed reviews

Does anyone care to comment on the quality? :huh:
PS2 has some of the best games:

  1. Grand Theft Auto Series - ESTIMATED PRICE $5-$15 used
  2. Splinter Cell - A stealthy game that involves great fighting mechanics. Do not buy Double Agent - EST PRICE - $10 used.
  3. Max Payne - A great 3rd person shooter that Stranglehold was based upon. Great story - EST PRICE - $5
  1. Madden 08 - A typical football game
  2. Tony Hawk Proving Ground - One of the best skateboarding games out.
  3. Fight Night Round 3 - Gameplay is unbelievable.
Might I suggest buying a PS3. It can play every PS2 game unlike Xbox. It's well worth the money because the games look incredible. A 40 gig HD can hold about 10-15 demos at once plus free online and free HD trailers and downloads. I bought a 60 gig back then (was really hoping for the 20 gig before they were discontinued) and it's been great with no problems. So even if you hate the PS3 games, you can still play the classics.
uk ps3s can't play ANY ps2 games, hence buying one of these

Also I'm well versed with the early library, such as max payne, etc.

Basically it's games released around the same time as or after final fantasy XII that I don't know about, since that's when I got rid of my ps2
X-Men Legends I & II, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance
I didn't see the UK thing. Sorry. Although, they will eventually make it backwards compatible. Hopefully.
Since you like platformers, Id recommend Jak 1 and the Ape Escape series
No Playstation 2 experience is complete without the Metal Gear Solid, God of War, and Sly Cooper series.
you have to sign up to even read it. that sucks.
Odin Sphere, and a guy who worked at Gamestop said Rogue Galaxy was great, even though it lacked summons.

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