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Just how smart is Batman?


Jul 12, 2006
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I know that Batman has studied and gained degrees in the feilds of biology, technology, mathematics, physics, mythology, geography, history,criminal science, forensics, computer science, chemistry and engineering and I'm sure many more but what I would like are some exsamples of when and how he has ever applyed any of this knowlege.

Also I remember ether reading or hearing once that he ether reverse engineered a Mother Box or at least took one apart and put it back together.Is this true??
He's near genius level, but I wouldn't actually call him a genius. He's very very good though.
Purdy daggum smart.
Yeah, I'd call him a genius. Not a SUPER-genius.
Let's just say he's no Reed Richards or Doctor Doom.
Let's just say he's no Reed Richards or Doctor Doom.


Top 4 Intellects.

Mr. Terrific

No particular order.

How can he only be "near" genius?! He's friggin bonafide!!
But doe's anyone have an exsample of his Intellect.With Reed and Doom we have seen what they have created as proof but I dont thong we've seen the same level of inventions.

I do remember hearing that he reverse engineered a Mother Box or at least put one back together but I'm not sure if it was true...anybody know?

Top 4 Intellects.

Mr. Terrific

No particular order.

How can he only be "near" genius?! He's friggin bonafide!!
That list is completely wrong, aside from Mr. Terrific who is the number 2 man behind Lex Luthor.
He's very smart, but smart enough to delegate others who specialize in a particular field to do the work for him. Anybody that believes he built Brother eye, or rebuilt Red Tornado all on his own is insane.

If I had to make a list, I'd say Lex Luthor, Niles Caulder, Mr. Terrific, Will Magnus, round out the top four.
Don't forget T.O.Morrow who created the 'artificial human soul'. He should definitely be in the top four, especially if Will Magnus is. I've also read that John Irons recently got huge upgrade and became DC's top engineer. Then of course there is Dr.Sivana. I'd also have to imagine Professor Ivo, Dadney Donovon and of course Ray Palmer belong on the list.
Yup. Bat's is smart, but compared to those guys, he's not even really close.
Most of the 'evil scientists' from 52 are in the top 10, Bruce defintly isn't. He's smart, yeah. He's incredibly trained and disciplined, but he just isn't as smart as some of the other people.

Yeah, he can take stuff apart and rebuild it, or build stuff based off other ideas, but I've never actually seen him create something like the four horsemen, or the metal men, so on and so forth. That's just the creative side.

There are much better tactitians out there, but only a few. I'd say overall he's in the teens somewhere on smartest in the DCU.
Batman can't even crack the dimensional barrier on his own, a feat Lex Luther mastered in his teens.
Yeah Bats isn't a top scientist, but that's not the only kind of smart. Detective, strategist, etc etc.
It depends who writes him. If it were say Grant Morrison on drugs.... you get the picture :D
Yeah Bats isn't a top scientist, but that's not the only kind of smart. Detective, strategist, etc etc.

Exactly. The World's greatest Detective? The leader of the damn stronghold against the amazons? Tons of other stuff. This prick went toe to toe with Darkseid. The fact that he had the balls to even think of doing that and still come up with a plan. Not ONE of those scientists is ****in with that type of strategist nature. And Ra's Al Ghul being nowhere near top ten? Sheeeyt. He found out who Batman was, (something that none of those guys has been able to do, including Luthor), then dismantled the ENTIRE Justice League using Batman's doomsday strategies. Luthor ain't ****in with Ra's, I'm sorry. As a package as a whole, I don't think so anyway. And just for the sake of arguement, didn't Batman beat Mr. Terrific at chess?:woot:
So what we can gather from Ibn's post is, whe written badly, Batman's pretty much a top 5 intellect.
I mentioned this in a marvel thread, there are different degrees of measuring intellect

Analytical problem solving
strategy in bouts
engineering and reverse engineering
chemistry, biology and botany


overall, i'd say batman was probably the best jack of all trades, but he wouldn't be in the top five of any individual list, he's just the greatest all rounder with the tools (bat computer) to help give him an edge in most of the other fields if he requires it.

He's like an aerospace engineer. He's a good manager because they are taught all other basic forms of engineering and can help communicate between all other engineer forms but you wouldn't hire one to lay an oil pipe down or build a bridge.
Are we talking about JLA batman, or Detective Comics Batman ?

The first is rumoured to be one of the 3 smartest people alive, a long with Mister Terrific and Luthor. If that is the case; and we take Red Son into consideration Batman has atleast a 7 -9 level intellect, therefore roughly as smart as the entire planet.

There are though characters who have easilly surpassed him in different fields.
Hasn't Mr. Terrific been referred to (and referred to himself) as the "third smartest man in the world"? I'd go with Lex Luthor and maybe Will Magnus as the top two. Then the other scientists Anubis and ShadowBoxing mentioned. Batman's smart, but he's not a super-genius or anything. He is, however, exceptionally good at planning and tactics.

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