Justice League of America - Screenplay.


Dec 27, 2007
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My version of a good Screenplay:

The initial credits of the Movie are TV journal showing the influence of Superman, Batman and Wonder-Woman on the world. The Federals are Hunting all the Humans with special Powers, and are using Superman and Wonder-Woman as standarts from their imperialism.

The movie Stars with a action Scene where Batman is chased by Gotham City Police. After fight with the guards, the Dark Knight runs away.

We cut to the ocean. A Fishing boat tryes to stake a dolphin, but a Shark Cardume attacks. A Man shee's everyrhing. Underwater.

We cut to Afeganistan. Hal Jordan and Ace Morgan, old friends, are being attacked by enemy airplanes. After a action scene, Jordan is shot and falls on enemy Ground befora Morgan saves him.

Central City. A Radio Talks about Barry Allen, hit by a lightning and bathed buy chemicals after a storm. Allen himself hears everything, and uses superspeed to catch a glass of water.

In Midway City, A Alien called J'onn J'ozz is transported to Earth by Dr. Saul Erdel, A Scientist who inventend a Machine to talk to alien civilizations. J'onn goes to Erdel apartment and decides to become John Jones, detective.

Iraq. Superman flyes towards the War Zone full of death. He finds Wonder-Woman celebrating with a army of womens the death of the soldiers. Superman and Wonder-Woman discuss.

The movie really starts. J'onn uses Erdel's apartment and decides to become John Jones. Detective. He is in Gotham City.

Cut to Months after. John Jones and Slam Bradley are chasing a group of criminals that chased the mayor's son. They find the Center Church, and discover Batman fighting the assassins. John discovers his weakness to fire while Slam Capturates the child from the Leader.

Las Vegas. A Big party is happening because of Ted Grant VS. Cassius Clay fight. Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen are there, as Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane. Hal Jordan and Ace Morgan and even Selina Kyle and Dinah Laurel Lance.

Captain Cold and his thugs break in the Cassino and Iris West, reporter, calls to her fiancée, Barry Allen, recovering in home. He catches a Ring and becomes the Fastest man Alive: Flash.

Flash and Captain Cold fight in the streets of Vegas. In the midway, Morgan says him and Jordan ****e called to a Enigmatic Project of Ferris Aircraft.

Cut to Months Later. John Jones goes to the movies and discovers he is alone in a World he does't understant. Batman Shows up and reveals he need John to investigate a Book and a Medalion of the Center Church.

Morgan and Jordan hit the Aircraft and Hal meets Carol Ferris, as Morgan Meets June Robins. Captain Rick Flagg appears and presents King Faraday, federal agent in a secret missi on of hit Mars to fight a Hypotetical Alien Invasion. Jordan and Morgan accepts.

During a govern party, Wonder-Woman and Superman discuss about power and responsabilitty and She reveals shes going back to themyscera. Come to America was a mistake.

John investigates the Book and discovers about a creature reaching the Earth. Hungry.

Gorilla Grod attacks Central City and Flash fights him, But Faraday tryes to catch him. Afraid, Flash runs away. John starts to look for a conection beteween all the events when a murder says him they're going to Mars. John reads Faradays mind and, after seeing Flash give up in the TV, decides to go to Mars.

The Rocket controlled by Flagg, Jordan, Morgan and Karin go to Mars, and Faraday meets J'onn, trying to come back home, during the target.

John and King become friends. While it, A Bomb in the rocket explodes and Flagg and Karin die in the explosion. Superman is talking with Wonder-Woman up Themyscera When King calls him. Morgan and Jordan are saved by the man of Steel.

Batman reaches John apartment and find a compilation of all the investigation. Specially, the 456786 case of Arkham Asylum: Adam Strange.

Superman and Lois Lane talk in the Daily Planet Globe, when Superman hears something. It's Batman, saying something big is going to happen and Superman needs to Take the League.

Hal is recovering in Hospital when a Creatura called Abin Sur calls him. Abin reveals a creature is trying to eat Earth, and Put Sur, almost Death, in the desert. The creature also exploded the bomb inside the Rocket.

Jordan receives the Green Lantern ring. Barry Allen discovers Iris always knew about his powers and his Flash job. Superman reaches the govern lair and metts John, as Faraday analyses the information.

Creatures invade the Base. The Center has mental powers and he is going to put the Heroes down. Flash and Green Lantern come to the base, and a Almost Death Wonder-Woman shows up and reveals the creatura is trying to attack the earth.

Batman free Adam from Arkham and analyses his Zeta-rays machine. They reach the base, as so as Morgan, also know as the Challenger of the Unknow, and Green Arrow.

The Plan is Use Flash to Zeta-Ray the center and destroy him, While WW, MM, GL and SM fight the monster. Batman and Green Arrow help the american troops to put Jordan and Morgan inside the creatures Mind, where the unleash a bomb wo kills the monsters.

The League fights the Center, refusing to Die, When Green Lantern uses his Power Ring and turns the Monster in the Sun. Aquaman also Helps in Battle, coordening the fish and saving Superman when he is knocked out.

The League decides to Stick Together, and the Govern accepts the Heroes came to Stay. A Hall of Justice is build.

After the credits, a extra scene with JLA VS. Starro.
this sounds like DC: The New Frontier but still is really good if you need any help I'm your man

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