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Jan 1, 2006
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People, Im gonna get flamed for this....but, Cyclops + Phoenix + Mr. Sinister (if he is the rumored cameo at the end) = Cable!!!!!

So, what if this is a spin-off where the DNA of Cycke and Phoenix is combined to make the rival of Apocalypse???? I remember that Artisan had the rights to make a Cable movie at one time. I think that it may be a soltion....then again maybe not....just some ideas.
don't u mean, zak penn? i think karl peen is kumar from harold and kumar go to white castle fame

and i would doubt they would make a spin off starring a hero, and two villans that haven't even been introduced yet

although cable is in my top 5 favorite xmen so i am for it
That's what I'm saying lol, I was like Kal Penn? lol (He still the man though)
I didnt mean for sinister to be a villan.....just a conspirator

hey, I mean Zak Penn
It's an interesting prospect, but it's pretty much up in the air at the moment. Could go either way.
Cable who is just Jean and Scott's kid born to fight Apocalypse could work.

Cable who is the son of Scott and a clone of Jean infused with her memories as Phoenix on the moon who is then infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse so he has to be sent to the future to be cared for by his time-travelling alternate-reality half-sister, and then Scott and Jean are pulled into the future by Rachel to care for Cable and teach him to survive the T-O virus, but then are pulled back and dont remember much of it, then Cable travels back to fight Apocalypse... that wont work. Probably.
well there has to be some medium between the two, how about this..

Cable follows apacolypse through time (time travel has been done before in movies)

he meets up with the xmen, where they find out that he is the son of scott and jean

there has to be some time travel, but it can be made in a simplistic mannor
Lol, at first I thought this guy had meant to post this on the Superman Returns board. I was like "he want's a spin-off based on one of Luthor's random henchmen?"
Kal Penn kicks ass.

If thats how you spell his name.

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