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Kevin Federline in the making.

War Lord

Sep 1, 2003
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Singer and hubby quizzed over baby's injury
BRITNEY Spears and her husband are being quizzed after their baby son suffered a suspected fractured skull.

Six-month-old Sean smashed his head falling to the ground from his high chair. His injury emerged when Britney, 24, took him to a doctor six days later after he became groggy and tearful.

Suspicious medical officials filed a complaint to the Los Angeles child welfare department and the couple were questioned by investigators who were escorted by police.

Britney and husband Kevin Federline, 28, have been accused of poor parenting before. If found guilty of ill treatment or neglect they could receive a warning - or even lose their baby.

BRITNEY Spears' husband is being grilled by sheriffs as the couple's baby son battles a suspected fractured skull.

Kevin Federline, 28, and Britney, 24, are being investigated after anxious doctors filed an official complaint on six-month-old Sean, who hit his head toppling from a high chair.

It is not known if they were present at the time. But social services officials escorted by police were worried enough to quiz the couple, who have been accused of poor parenting several times before.

In February Britney was questioned by police after being pictured driving with Sean on her lap.

Now she and Kevin face a severe warning, or even the possibility of losing their child, if they are found guilty of ill treatment or neglect.

Confirming the investigation, Sergeant Ken Scheurn of Los Angeles County Sheriff's Lost Hills Division said yesterday: "Deputies from this division carried out escort duties for the Department of Child Services to Britney Spears' home."

According to the official complaint seen by the Mirror Sean fell from his high-chair, banging his head hard on the floor, while eating at the family home on April 1.

Sean's nanny is believed to have been in the room. It is unclear where Britney and Kevin were.

Although Sean stayed conscious, the couple called a doctor who gave the tot the all clear.

It seemed the panic was over - then days later Britney and Kevin were plunged into fresh agonies over the health of their baby. Alarm bells rang when Britney noticed that Sean was sleeping longer than usual.

When he woke he was groggy, not himself and crying more than usual.

Over the next days the pop princess and Kevin watched alarmed as Sean failed to improve.

Finally, on April 7, they took him to respected paediatrician Dr Marna Geisler at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr Geisler examined Sean and carried out a three-dimensional X-ray of his skull.

Soon afterwards the couple were told the scan indicated severe head trauma, possibly a fracture.

The next day concerned Center officials filed a report on the injury to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

The department must investigate all suspicious injuries to children.

Later that day CFS officials escorted by police quizzed the couple. Sources say Britney and Kevin co-operated.

Yesterday the department and medical centre refused to comment.

After being caught driving with Sean on her lap, Britney grudgingly admitted: "I made a mistake."

She claimed she was fleeing from photographers. Under Californian law, the baby should have been strapped in the back seat.

In March Britney shocked diners at a Los Angeles restaurant by changing her baby's full nappy on a table. Pot-smoking Kevin has also been criticised for going out partying after Sean was born.

The couple have endured marriage troubles in recent months with several reported bust-ups inside their luxury home.
Po po Zao!!!!!!!!!!

*Hits head*

That's Fiya!!!!!
Theres a thread on this. But yeah, that kid needs to be taken away from there for his own damn good.
Darthphere said:
Theres a thread on this. But yeah, that kid needs to be taken away from there for his own damn good.

I did a search before I made this thread and nothing appeared.
If you two start fighting I won't hesitate to pass out spankings. :mad:
It makes me sick when I read anything about a child being hurt. Although I don't fault them on the actual incident because accidents do happen. Even ones as horrendous as that one. Can you just picture a 6 month old baby just starting to keep it's head up, falling from a 3 foot high chair and hitting it's head directly on a hard kitchen floor? It sickens me the more I think about it.

What I am more upset is about their delayed reaction. So they had a physician look at him and gave the clear? That's BS, I would be taking my child IMMEDIATELY to the hospital to get examined, including x-rays. She's ****ing loaded, she could have spaired the dime and the time to make 100% sure that child was OK. Instead she brought some quack who couldn't put two cents together to figure out a fall like that (especially to an infant) would require extensive tests to ensure there was no brain damage, swelling of the brain, fractures or anything else. You can't do that just simply by a regular exam.

God damn *****, I hate her even more.
DOG LIPS said:
If you two start fighting I won't hesitate to pass out spankings. :mad:
Spank them anyway... *rubs himself*
Britney's throat is good for one thing.. and it ain't singing.
I think Britney's kid and Michael Jackson's kid will be in counseling together when their older.
deemar325 said:
I think Britney's kid and Michael Jackson's kid will be in counseling together when their older.

what if their kids **** and make a genetic anomoly? :eek: :confused:

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