Kids Choice Awards (Abaddon's Favorite Awards Show)


Jul 14, 2002
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I never cared much for the Kids Choice Awards. Maybe it was because that horrible she-male Rosie O' Donnell hosted like 10 years in a roll. But, anyway, I was watching the ads for this years show (airs March 29 ) which is hosted by Jack Black (who is like becoming the new Rosie for these awards) and I kinda liked it.

I'm glad to see that Viacom is finally realizing that if they're going to give kids a testosterone-centric role model, it's better to use a man.
Jeez, I haven't watched this in ten years at least.
90s Rosie was fun and nice and likeable. She was everything Ellen is now. And don't you tell me you didn't like her in Harriet the Spy.:o
The Rosie that played Betty Rubble in the Flintstones movie was okay. But when she came out of the closet, she became like a snowball: went downhill at an increasingly fast rate, and consistently gained mass in the process.
The Rosie that played Betty Rubble in the Flintstones movie was okay.

That was one of the worst casting decisions in cinema history. And I'm not just saying that from a 2008 perspective. I even thought that in 1994. I know its a cartoon but Betty Rubble was hot. Rosie is and NEVER was!
I only saw the parts when Jessica Alba won an award for something and when Harrison Ford and Shia Labeouf presented an award. Ford got slimed and put his Indiana Jones hat on. That was cool.
I watched it and was bored mostly. The KCW just isnt for me anymore. It was very predictable and the slime took over the show.
I watched it out of curiosity and most of the nominees are teen bands that suck, I'm surprised they were able to get A-listers like Harrison Ford, Eddie Murphy and Will Smith to show up, the kids in the audience probably don't know who Ford and Murphy are.

and how can you get the Jonas brothers without including the fatty Jonah Hill? :)
also, a lot of the A list stars have children who are into this stuff. so they brought them along. I read that Will Smith brought his kids and Jodi Foster brought hers.
I liked what Chris Brown and his posse had on very cute.

Rihanna's out fit was fugly.

Jessica Alba, Hayden Panteiree, Miley Cyrus, pretty cute.
That kid that was eyeing Layla Ailee's (or whatever her name is) ass is my hero. :up:

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