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May 20, 2002
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I can't believe that DC hasn't done a movie dedicated to any of Jack Kirby's characters?

I'm not talking about guest features, I'm talking about movies dedicated and starring Kirby's characters.

Imagine a real dark and scary Demon movie, how about an animated movie of Kamandi The Last Boy On Earth, I think it would be awesome!

Don't even get me started on Kirby's Fourth World, those characters are just screaming for a movie!

C'mon DC it's way, way, way, past time you brought the Kirby magic to the big screen!
Well the DCAU did a pretty good job of showcasing Kirby's characters
The New Gods needs to be WB's GOTG project. Saying that, I'd probably **** my pants if that ever happens.
New Gods would be cool and you could uae it to set Darkseid up for either a Superman or JLA movie.
New Gods was originally inspired by Lord of the Rings, I have read, and has a real Lord of the Rings feel to it. So I think they should approach the movie like they did with Lord of the Rings. A world apart from ours, no mention of our world just theirs. And film all four movies at the same time, with the same level of realism. The characters could all be wearing armor instead of spandex. It would be a very big and expensive movie but I think would be a great and soon to be classic epic franchise along the lines of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.

I came up with all sorts of ideas for the film here:
If the movies are animated, I want them to stick with Kirby's designs for the costumes, if it's live action, I know that the costumes will probably need changes, but where they can stay with Kirby's designs they should!
At first glance i thought the title was "Kinky Characters"

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