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Sep 30, 2007
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OK so the idea of the game is to say who you would kiss, who would you kill and who you would marry out of a selected group of three people if you had to once you have done that you have to name the next three people, I am sure many of you will have played this before *under an explicit name* so enjoy.

now the first three

Jessica Alba
Hillary Swank
Megan Fox

Kiss, Marry, Kill
Jessica Alba - Shag
Hillary Swank - Marry
Megan Fox - Kill

Uma Thurman, Eva Green, Penelope Cruz
Isn't it F', Marry, Kill? :huh:

I'd sure like to smooch her. *lip smacking*
Kiss-Emmy Rossum
Marry-Emmy Rossum
Kill-New York
So the alternative to f', instead of sex, boink, bank, sleep with, do, relations, is kiss? :huh:
Everything has to be dissected

*shakes head
Jessica Alba - marry:huh:
Hillary Swank - kill
Megan Fox - shag
A Ham Sandwich, A newspaper, and a pickle jar?
I'd just kill all three of them.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Marry
Lucy Lawless - Shag
Lisa Kudrow - Kill

Alyson Hannigan, Kate Mulgrew, Bridget Neilson :dry:
Alyson Hannigan - shag
Kate Mulgrew - marry
Bridget Neilson - kill

jennifer aniston, drew barrymore, ben affleck:huh:
jennifer aniston.... kiss
drew barrymore...marry
ben afflecK ...kill

Morena Baccarin, Gina Torres, Summer Glau
Morena Baccarin - Shag
Gina Torres - Kill
Summer Glau - Marry

Carrie Fisher, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner
Carrie Fisher - marry
Natalie Portman - shag
Leeanna Walsman - kill

harrison ford, jewel staite, nathan fillion (take that!!)

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