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Knight Rider - The Movie?


Do I look like I'm joking?
Feb 9, 2011
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I would pay good money to see this!

But please not a comedy like the recent slew of 70`s and 80`s TV series film remakes...

A properly executed KR movie would be awesome!

By "properly" I mean, a serious reinterpretation of the original. A bit like how MoS was done.

Of course, it goes without saying, that the Hoff has to play at least a small part in this. And the car needs to look as sleek and stylish as K.I.T.T
And get William Daniels to do the voice, dammit!

Okay, I'm done for now, discuss... :)
Just give Michael and K.I.T.T a cameo in Fast 7.
No Hasselhoff, no sale.

I remember the TV show they tried recently. I don't want to remember!

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I wouldn't bother with it. Too much of a product of it's time.
Superman has been around for 75 years and a great film of him came out this year. I'm pretty sure that the same can be done here, if enough thought and care are put into it.
I fully acknowledge that Knight Rider had its share of cheesiness and so on, but at its core, there is a great premise and one which I think could do well.

If I remember correctly the KR budget was always too low for them to tell the stories the way they wanted to and the show had to be quite kid friendly, given the merchandising opportunities.

Now it`s time for something better and bolder but with the same core values.
i disagree some films really are a product of their time for example i would say the crow is a product of the 90's from the industrial metal sound track to the gritty city streets with constant rain and gothic vibe aswell which was a big template to alot of 90's movies
If it's done properly, with a good script, & cast, perhaps I might be interested. If it's going to be treated as a comedy, I'm not interested.
Knight Rider could be a great movie but I'm betting it won't be. The movie adaptation would be hard to bring into the 2013/14 era and it would come out uneven and either way too serious or way too campy.
If it's done properly, with a good script, & cast, perhaps I might be interested. If it's going to be treated as a comedy, I'm not interested.

I've never understood that trend.
can you imagine a modern Knight Rider movie ? and the third act finale is a chase sequence through the city. KITT is AI so of course you need to writte the final action with KITT saving Michael and then you have the money shot of money shots. a car jumping through a building. hahahhah. they have my ticket. :)

the actor and the voice actor need to have chemistry. it should be a funny enrtertaining buddy cop summer blockbuster with money shots.
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well Daniels still 'has it' as he played the voice of KITT in this GE commercial aired earlier this year.


if the Dukes and Starksy movies can have their cars 100% like the TV versions the movie KITT has to be a early 80s Trans Am.
If they did a Knight Rider movie using an 80`s Trans Am, I would not care if I dropped dead as I left the cinema after seeing it...
Now if they did use an 80's Trans Am I would be there day one. Car still looks sexy.
I imagine the unholy offspring of Fast and Furious and Transformers.
Anyway, I have a hard time conceiving that this can interest the general audience.
Let's wait and see.

Note : KITT was cool until it gets the super pursuit mode with the cabriolet. My favorite episodes were the two with KARR and the one with Goliath ( Michael twin brother's truck ).
Those episodes were classics. You knew the twin was evil because of facial hair.

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That was THE most epic scene in the entire series :awesome:!
We've heard the rumors for years, I'll start believing once they release photos, the only person who I can think of as Michael Knight is Bradley Cooper.

And the only route this can go is action/adventure with a bit of comedy chemistry with Michael and KITT, don't expect a serious deep soul searching psychological movie.
If they made this movie I would take one look at the car and if I didn't like it I'm out.
The tv remake car was a piece of ****
They need KITT to look like an '82 Trans-Am there is no substitute, I mean so what if Pontiac's are out of business Hollywood has the magic to recreate anything from dinosaurs to removing wrinkles off Joan Rivers.
I'm hoping it's not a comedy. I think they could get away with an action film. I don't think this "difficult puzzle" people claim, how can K.I.T.T. work in an era where Siri exists. I mean, K.I.T.T.'s personality is how that whole thing is supposed to work. A buddy cop film, basically.

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